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Diablo 4 Dev Interview: The D4 devs did a Q&A with some members of the ANZ community. Some interesting questions were answered!

diablo14 - Diablo 4 Dev Interview: The D4 devs did a Q&A with some members of the ANZ community. Some interesting questions were answered!

The Diablo 4 devs (Joe Shely and John Mueller) did an interview with some members of the ANZ community. They couldn't record the interview, but there's some transcripts. Quin69 made a YT video going through questions and answers

as he asked quite a few of the questions.

For those who'd rather not watch, I've summarised the questions and answers below:


Q. (Quin) What happens if you capture a camp and you group with someone who has not captured that camp.

A. (Joe) We look at the party leaders state, and treat that as the authority for what you see. If I capture a camp and you join my party, you will see my version of the camp. If you invite me to your party, I can help you progress your camp.

Q. (Quin) does that mean you can use other peoples completed states to unlock waypoints?

A. (Joe) Camp progression is personal. You cannot unlock camps that way.


Q. (Leo) Can players select their gender?

A. (John) Yes. For all classes in Diablo there's different body types, tattoos and customisation including gender.


Q. (Seamus) Was there a long list of classes? Why Rogue?

A. (Joe) There's a lot of archetypes important to the franchise. It was important to have a dexterity/finesse class.


Q. (Seamus) Looking at the gameplay footage, the Rogue looks like a demon hunter/assassin combination. What were you trying to achieve with this class with such a range of skills?

A. (Joe) When they looked at making a Rogue, we knew people have different ideas of a dexterous/finesse class. We wanted to have a class that had access to a variety of tools such that anyone who wanted to play a Rogue had a playstyle they felt at home with.


Q. (Quin) If you disconnect in D3, your character stays logged in for 10 seconds and you die. In PoE, you can logout but this removes a sense of pressure/excitement. Is there some new technology in these modern times for D4 to give us an innovative way to deal with this?

A. (Joe) This is a challenging problem from an engineering point of view. We don't want to solve it by making HC not matter. There's an expectation of what Hardcore means. In D4 we have a consumable that is rare and limited and if you are in a dangerous situation you can use the item to escape, the scroll of escape.

Q. (Quin) Are these farmable, usable indefinitely?

A. (Joe) You're not going to have a lot of these. We don't want to obviate the danger of hardcore. You asked about disconnects. If you DC in a dungeon and you have a scroll, you will automatically use it. Where you are teleported is hard to say. You have no control to where you are teleported.

Q. (Quin) So when you log in, you'll appear in a different zone/area?

A. (Joe) Yes, with no scroll you would otherwise be killed.


Q. (Ash) Are the cinematics shown today an example of how story telling will be told in D4?

A. (John) Rogue trailer was in engine, we have the capability to do these things. I don't want to set expectations just yet Story telling will be told in multiple ways.


Q. (seamus) Will they use the ingame camera technology to have up close and personal moments, cinematic effects in combat

A. (Joe) Something that looks good to an observer doesn't necessarily feel good to play. Don't want to ruin pace of the game.


Q. (Quin) In D3 if you're trying to be competitive you're forced to play in a group. Will this be the case in D4? Have you considered solo self found?


A. (Joe) We have considered it (SSF). We have announced hardcore, seasons. The reason we have hardcore is that we have a passionate fanbase who wants to see. We also know people are exicted about SSF, we are looking and considering the implications. We don't have anything to announce on SSF today.

As for groups: we do not want it to feel mandatory to be in a group. We understand that if its not mandatory but its dramatically more efficient then it will feel mandatory to be competitive. There are logistics involved in being in a group, additional effort. To some extent, we want to make sure there are benefits to being in a group but it should not feel mandatory

Q. (Quin) Is group synergy enough of a bonus of being in a group? Things like chill stack quicker etc. Or do you want an artificial bonus eg bonus xp.

A. (Joe) We don't want it to be "group for this bonus".

A. (John) I've been playing in a group, and group synergy is a benefit. In some cases, you may have more fun. These are the reasons you play in a group.

A. (Joe) You can chill/freeze sufficiently as a solo player though

Q. (Quin) I'm just worried group play will be too good. That solo players cannot compete.

A. (Joe) We want to be careful that doesn't happen.


Q. (Leo) Will D4 come to switch/next gen consoles?

A. (Joe) D4 will come to PC/Xbox one/PS4, we dont have any other announcements at this time


Q. (Quin) Keybinds in D3 – you couldn't have force move on left click. Can we customise keybinds in D4?

A. (Joe) D4 has more options for configuring your character than D3. You can play with a controller on PC. You can rebind movement from left click, you have force move/stand still you can bind. You set them up as your see fit. Not only are there players who just want different keybinds, we want it to be accessible to as many people as possible.


Q. (Quin) Will there be leaderboards to recognise high end solo gameplay?

A. (Joe) no announcements on leaderboards.


Q. (Quin) Will there be mid season balance patches, or will you wait for the end of a season?

A. This is something we've talked about. We want to be careful, we have more work to do before we comment on that.


Q. (Quin) Is there anything you can't wait for player feedback on? Anything you're on the fence about and need player feedback on?

A. (Joe) Scroll of escape! We're building this game with the community. We want feedback on the skill system, items. Quarterly updates will continue, and we want to deal with topics in these updates that people have asked about and that require feedback.

In terms of feedback we want from today: what do you think about the Rogue? World PvP? Camps?

Q. (Quin) I'm worried about wpvp, people grouping up and camping

A. (Joe) The PvP areas are large, hard to camp people.

A. (John) If someone camped one spot, they would be missing out on other progression systems. I want the PvP loot but I'm a PvE player. So I go around like a rat avoiding pvp, but its part of the world.


Q. (Quin) So will there be exclusive PvP loot?

A. (Joe) We're still working on details of pvp rewards. We want desirable pvp rewards. At the moment its cosmetic/transmog but we want to be careful to people dont feel that pvp is mandatory.


Q. (Quin) Any chance of rated pvp/ranked pvp or just world pvp

A. (Joe) nothing to announce on that yet.

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