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Diablo 4: Minor Gripes and Hopes for the Game

diablo18 - Diablo 4: Minor Gripes and Hopes for the Game

I was stewing over some very minor and ultimately inconsequential things in Diablo 4 that I think should be changed or added. Most of them are visual animation and UI aspects that I feel would ultimately improve the game overall. Let’s get started…

• Life Pool HUD- I think the overall look of the HUD is pretty good in general. My only issue is that the Life Pool resembles red smoke in my opinion. I think it would be more visually appealing and cater to the dark aesthetic of the game if the team did their best to make the Life Pool look like actual blood. Give it liquid animations like slightly sloshing around in the globe, etc.

• Skill UI Aesthetic – I personally think the current Skill Menu suffers from being a little too bright and colorful and very boring framing. I don’t mind the horizontal nature of the UI with them being sorted into categories; however I think they could be more visually interesting. They don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical like they are. I think a system that’s more similar to a horizontal variant of the Talent Trees would be more appealing, obviously omitting the branching.

• Evade Animations – I think the evade ability is a great addition to the game and hopefully adds a needed tactical wrinkle to the combat. Something minor I would really like to see is unique evade animations for each class. The Barb could roll, Sorc could have a phase kind of thing, Druid could maintain the little hop in the current build, The potential Amazon could do a somersault, etc.


• Potion Animations – This one is actually pretty consequential to gameplay. I think it solves a pretty common ARPG problem and brings more immersion to the game. I think that potions should have an animation that can be interrupted ala Town Portal but obviously much shorter. This eliminates potion spam and also allows Diablo to return to Potions as an item instead of a cool down.

• Console HUD Customization – In one of the developer updates, Blizzard confirmed that they would be adding a more classic centered HUD option alongside the left corner version for PC players to choose between. Consoles apparently won’t have this option and I don’t understand why? I believe that console players should also have the option of using the centered HUD if they want.

• Red Outline Removal – I really think the team should deliver the option to remove the jarring and immersion breaking red outline around highlighted enemies. I know this is really helpful with targeting especially on consoles but I think all systems should have the option to remove it, and also add a middle ground with a thinner, more subdued white version.

Anything along these lines you guys would like as well?

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