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I'm not sure if this was already posted.

Samuel Alicea, with permission from Blizzard, posted full body turntable videos of the Diablo 4 Mysterious Character (Video links


, and


Samuel Alicea (Texture & Lookdev), Jason Huang (Modeler), Jason Fleming (Art Director), Mike Kelleher (CG Supervisor), Doug Alexander (Director)

There's mention of a seemingly relevant characteristic:

Making a pale white character is very tricky because as soon as you take so much blood out of the skin the character starts looking dead. So if you pay close attention to the turntables you'll notice that there's an incredible array of colors on his skin that I put in, but overall it still looks like a pale white character.

The emphasis is on the character's pale complexion. What's interesting to note is that this paleness is described to be because of blood taken away from the body.

Compare this to how necromancers become pale:

Long hours of study in dank mausolea have made his skin pale and corpselike, his figure, skeletal. Most people shun him for his peculiar looks and ways, but none doubt the power of the Necromancer, for it is the stuff of nightmares.

Based on these information, it's likelier that this bald-looking "summoner" is a cultist, specifically one of, or related to, the Triune. This is corroborated by one of the devs in the 2019 Blizzcon Diablo IV World & Lore, who confirms him to be Triune.

Be wary. Leaks (release of media/information by non-official sources) and datamining (using special tools to inspect hidden content not normally accessible or not intended for public viewing) aren't exactly reliable sources of information, especially at this phase of D4's development.

Things are still subject to change.


For reference, back in Starcraft 2:

  • There is hidden content in the Echoes of the Future that doesn't match with either lore or story of the Starcraft 2. Sample hidden content below:

Unlike the current story, this version of events in Echoes of the Future mission didn't involve the protoss character named Tassadar at all. The following monologues requires datamining to view or maybe editing to enable/watch:

Overmind: I was driven by the deepest manipulations of the Xel'Naga – to find and assimilate their first born…their failed children…the protoss. The Xel'Naga had created me to eradicate their failed children – the protoss – in a battle neither species would survive.

Overmind: I could do nothing…but obey. Yet I deemed the purity of the Swarm was greater than my function – greater even than the Creators' Pyrrhic vision. I would birth…an inheritor. One who would give the Swarm its freedom.


Overmind: I made my war against the first born as I was destined to. Before I could assimilate the protoss – I was undone.

Overmind: Yet my…daughter…remained. She alone would break the cycle. She alone would forge a future devoid of the hated Xel'Naga. She alone would lead the Swarm …into tomorrow.

  • Also, there was a leaked video of the

    . It turned out that the leaked cinematic was an early cut of what would appear in the final product, though there's a plot point that was drastically altered (see

    for comparison).

In the leaked video, there are two Kerrigans: her Terran form (submerged in a vat tank) that controls her Zerg version (the Queen of Blades). In the canon story, Kerrigan is reinfested.

The difference between the leaked and final cinematic (seen here) is that, in the former, the human Kerrigan is injected with some drug, while in the latter, the Keystone electrocutes her.

This is why it's best to rely on information explicitly stated by official sources, or that can be seen in game in the final product.

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