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An Idea for PvP i’ve been having is a multi-faceted approach that is somewhat removed from the core game.

I think it would be interesting to have an Arena-style pvp, where mana is aquired from locations on the map instead of regenerated naturally. In PvP, mana regeneration would be non-functional, and either mana "globes" would grant a specified amount of mana, or grant a time-limited amount of mana regeneration.

In addition, features of the map could provide positional strategy to players, e.g. walls that provide ranged builds/casters with protection from melee, although could be surmounted by movement skill like leap, or sections of the map that reward players with life/mana regen, but penalize the player in regards to their damage output, or otherwise prevent them from attacking the opponent (this would be to prevent players from camping these life/resource granting areas).

Overall, it would be interested to see an element of positional strategy and map control incorporated into PvP. I think the dodge ability showcased in the demo could also add an interesting aspect to the actual PvP combat, and hopefully, for the overall combat philosophy (PvE included), Blizzard avoids the entire "right-click to kill" paradigm that most Iso-ARPG's seem to implement. Enforcing an actual skill-component to combat would add a very engaging aspect to gameplay, and would turn Diablo 4 into an actual ACTION RPG rather than just a glorified excel spreadsheet manipulator.

For competitive PvP, there should be no special "power-up" type features (no shrines or anything that grant bonuses to damage/attack-speed/cast-speed). Players should rely entirely on strategy, and a fight should be reduced to a race to see who gets to a power-up first. That's not interesting or fun.


For gear selection, I believe you should have the option to choose your character that you've built in the PvE portion of the game,but for competitive purposes, I think it would be interesting to allow two players to build a character by choosing items, skills, and talents using a budget. Similar to the way loadout selection in CS GO works. For example:

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Players are given a budget of 100k Gold, and enough talent/skill points to fill out one path on the skill/talent tree. Players will spend their talent/skill points, and gold on any items in the game they'd like, and then they would PvP with that specific build. This process would be done before trying to find players to fight. In addition, there could be additional constraints on the builds (Could set max level/attribute values that would limit which items/skills/talents are available). This way, players are provided a level playing field build-wise, and are left to rely entirely on

their skill and knowledge of character build and build mechanics, and not penalized for not sinking time into PvE to build out a character to PvP with, as was the norm in Diablo 2 PvP. This would be a huge draw for players only interested in PvP.

Prices for Items would change based on how many players choose to own these items accross all server instances (Similar to how player pricing works in most Daily Fantasy Sports Betting apps like Draft Kings and FanDuel, for those who are familiar with them).

The other challenging part about PvP would be the actual mechanics of how damage, defense, and control altering effects work between players. I am not knowledgeable enough to spitball ideas for this area, so I'll let others discuss that.

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