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Diablo 4 Some things I’d like to see.

diablo6 - Diablo 4 Some things I'd like to see.

A list of things that i would personally like to see implemented in Diablo 4.

More Gem types – Why did Diablo 3 get rid of the skull and sapphire?

  • Sapphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Yellow)
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Garnet (Orange)
  • Amethyst (Purple)
  • Diamond (White)
  • Onyx (Black)
  • Skull (Grey)

Rare Cosmetics/Dyes

  • Dyes – I want dyes to be rare tradeable consumable items found in the world that can be used infinitely. I don't like that in Diablo 3 every dye is given to you already. I want to find them in the world and hunt for that rare dye that you really want to make your character look awesome. It feels more rewarding to find items that make you look cool rather than already looking cool from the start.
  • Cosmetics – I want cosmetics to be rare tradeable items that can be found in the world as well. (It was fun farming for cosmic wings in Diablo 3. It would be nice to trade them though.)

Socketable Town Portal to customize the color.

  • Blue – Socketing a sapphire into the town portal will make it dark blue
  • Red – Socketing a ruby into your town portal will make it dark red
  • Green – Socketing an emerald into your town portal will make it dark green
  • Purple – Socketing an amethyst into your town portal will make it dark purple
  • Yellow – Socketing a topaz into your town portal will make it dark yellow
  • Orange – Socketing a garnet into your town portal will make it dark orange
  • White – Socketing a diamond into your town portal will make it angelic white
  • Black – Socketing an onyx into your town portal will make it demonic black
  • Grey – Socketing a skull into your town portal will make it grey


I want the max level to be 100 where each level scales starting from 1. Diablo 2's leveling system was perfect.

Item Tiers

I don't like that Diablo 3's items dropped are based on your character's current level. It makes every item prior to level 70 useless. A better system would be to have item tiers. Probably 3 tiers or so where each tier higher would have increased damage, defense or affix roles. Diablo 2's system is pretty awesome.

Rare items

There needs to be items that don't drop as often and some that are just extremely rare.


I want to be able to trade pretty much everything I find.


Skills primary source of damage and resource cost shoud be leveling up the skill not based on weapon damage. Weapon damage should only be a secondary source of damage increasing it slightly. I think that skills should have a maximum cooldown of 5 seconds if any cooldown at all. I'd rather have a resource system with potions, resource per hit, resource regeneration, etc.



All items have an innate affix unique to that type of item as well as possible affixes depending on rarity.

  • Normal – 1 innate affix varies from item to item
  • Magic – 1-3 possible affixes
  • Rare – 4-6 possible affixes
  • Set – 5 static affixes with set bonuses
  • Legendary – 6 static affixes with a legendary power
  • Rare with Legendary power obtained when using a consumable.


  • Helmet – 3 possible sockets
  • Body Armor – 6 possible sockets
  • Gloves – 2 possible sockets
  • Bracers – no sockets
  • Pants – 4 possible sockets
  • Boots – 2 possible sockets
  • Belt – 1 possible socket
  • Ring – 1 possible socket
  • Amulet – 1 possible socket
  • Weapon – 3-6 possible sockets depending on the weapon 3 for one handers/ 6 for two handers.
  • Off-Hand – 3 possible sockets


  • A consumable that puts a legendary power onto a Rare item

  • A consumable that creates a copy of a Rare item

  • A consumable that adds 1 socket to an item – can be used more than once to keep adding sockets to an item. If you have more of them of course.


I would love to see charms come back to Diablo 4 with a special inventory for them.

Cube and crafting

I would love to have the cube come back in some way. Probably involved with crafting somehow.


  • PvP zones in the open world
  • PvP gamemodes moba style

Goblins, Secret/Rare levels


Sets should not tie into skills specifically but generally to one class or all for more build diversity. Skills could have tags like projectile or fire damage. This lets any item that increases skills under projectile or fire damage be used by multiple classes instead of just one class and skill. NO crazy damage percentage like in D3 and smaller numbers. My characters maximum damage should be 1,000 not 1,000,000 with crazy crits Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and all Whirlwind and Rend damage is increased by 10000% (6 pieces) Instead of +3 to Meteor (Sorceress Only), it should have +3 to Mastery Skills (Soceress Only). This way you can use other skills like Nova in the Mastery section creating more build diversity. Another example would be +3 to projectile skills, or +3 to fire skills, etc. Items can tie into skills specifically but should have several for every skill in the game and be mixed with items that are tied into skills generally.

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