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Diablo 4 Wishlist and Ideas

diablo10 - Diablo 4 Wishlist and Ideas

I just wanted to list some things I would like to see in Diablo 4 and open a discourse to discuss ideas with you guys. I know this topic has been done to death but screw it.

  1. Tone – Not to beat the dead horse but something must be done to preserve the identity of a game about demons and the horrors of hell. Diablo 3 was all over the place. The opening Act did a decent job of envoking an uneasy, horror atmosphere (could've been a lot scarier) but completely derailed itself in all of the subsequent acts. Diablo 4 should instill a feeling of legitimate dread. You should be nervously anticipating what's around the next corner 100% of the time. When you're in a "safe space" you should still feel as though something is perpetually wrong. It needs to be scary and unsettling.

  2. Difficulty – While Diablo 3 is a great game, one of the biggest flaws in my opinion is the difficulty. Beating the main story and then leaping into adventure mode shouldn't eventually descend into what the later difficulty's became: An overpowered behemoth carving through an absurd amount of enemies with not much difficulty at all really. Diablo 3 overall has a problem with over empowerment. The story, progression pacing, and skills themselves leaned on your character being an unstoppable killing machine. The next game should focus on making you feel like an underdog. You should be asking yourself how you managed to survive when you get through a horde.

  3. Skills/Attributes – This is a contentious one. I personally find the "casual" argument pretty ignorant. To say that player choice and atleast partial permanence are too "hardcore" for the casual audience is kind of encouraging mediocrity and the dumbification of gamers. Plenty of casual games use skill trees, skill point allocation, and attributes, it's really not that hard to grasp. Diablo is an RPG at it's core. Diablo 3 took away from that concept with it's use of linear progression and loudout swapping. I want to feel like I'm playing MY character.

  4. Loot – Balance. Balance. Balance. Diablo 2 is sometimes too unforgiving in it's loot, while Diablo 3 is too generous. There can be a healthy balance of loot drop distribution. Blizzard just has to find it. DPS sucks. Players should have to intelligently discern whether a piece of loot is beneficial to them or not. We should have to make difficult choices about what we want to use by having actual compelling pros and cons for the different pieces in our possession. I don't want to look at a number and decide from there. It takes all the fun out of looting and character building.

  5. World/Progression – Please don't hand hold, give players the choice to complete specific quests in different orders. Make us explore. Don't give us all the answers. Make us think. Have a variety of in depth side quests. Give us multiple pathways. Don't give us chains. Don't force us to talk to NPC's but make it rewarding when we CHOOSE to. Let us kill a boss before we even activate the quest only to back and say been there done that to quest givers. Give us freedom to play and progress how we want. Linearity is the antithesis of role playing.

  6. Crossplay – Console release alongside PC and day one crossplay. That's all.

That's all I have for now guys, I could go on and on but this post is too long already. What do you guys think? Share some of your ideas. Let's talk about this.

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