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Diablo and the future of PvP!Trade?

diablo5 - Diablo and the future of PvP!Trade?

There should be 2 or 3 primordial things to do in diablo, and no compromise attitude by Blizzard, we must be firm and learn to not care about "your feelings".

1: Looting, killing monsters and associated activities, gambling, etc… (can spend hours doing this)

2: PvP, in open world format, or Diablo 2 type creation. (can spend hours doing this)

3:Trading, I can understand why this would or would not happen. (can spend hours doing this)

As you can see, if you remove one thing, you beter make sure the remaining "propellers" are excellent, otherwise the "feeling of boredom" eventually creeps in. There must absolutely be 2 of these components, and #1 is constant. IMHO, its when you mix all those 3 acitivies in a cohesive fashion (growth) that you really become addicted and fullfilled.

"Some people" need to grow thicker skin and learn to leave the game… Your total of $ of cd key sells will be replaced by another $ who enjoy PvP, you are misrepresenting the importance of your “marketshare” so there is no benefit for Blizzard in conceding to your wishes, since your “world view” is akin to limiting activities that can be done in the game because “your feelings”… What about “PKer feelings”?.. Did you ever think of how PKers feel when they cant PK?


Diablo is a release of orderly life, there should be less rules not more rules, akin to the Svannah. Sometimes the big rhino with the bigger horn wants to mount the smaller rhino for dominance, the smaller rhino must learn to stay down and accept being mounted or leave the area. If you wish to play your “single-player mentality”, you can make your own games with passwords, wich many weak animals in African Savannah would love! So you are in fact very lucky and safe… Especially in softcore.

The only thing that is in danger is your little “nerd ego”, you simply need to accept that you are not the “king of sanctuary”. The desire to be “king of sanctuary” is simply an expression of “nerd ego” and is not really possible as there are clans, regulators, merchants, etc…

In a pub game with other, You are not some ghost-like entity that chooses what happens, its the person who hostiles who chooses. Be grateful that the player cannot hostile you right next to you and backstab, you have time to react.

People say that "I am a bully"… Euhh… No, You call it bullying, I call it “another thing to do”.

Imagine a future where all bullied children can just teleport elsewhere, in a brand new area or playground with a password on the door, if they could just save/exit or squelch, TP home.

By chasing you/making you leave/taking your ear , the bully assumes he is the dominant force, and gets his giggle, and you, get your peace and quiet elsewhere.

What we have here is not bullying, what we have here is victims looking for a reason to exist. There is no bullying, its all in your mind and a reflection of your “nerd ego”.

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