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DIablo I, II, and III full playthrough Stream.

diablo11 - DIablo I, II, and III full playthrough Stream.

Hey Guys,

I hope I'm not breaking any rules posting this since I mostly just lurk on reddit. But I just recently decided to start streaming on twitch, and as I start to delve into the world of streaming I thought it would be fun to dedicate a full stream to one of my favorite franchises growing up.

So basically the plan would be:

Start tomorrow Saturday 08th of December at 10:00am ET and begin with a playthrough of Diablo I. Where I was thinking rolling a sorcerer since as a kid I always played warrior and just "PVPd" with my godly plate of the whale, king's sword of haste, obsidian rings of the zodiac, and good ol' Bobba Fett by my side…. To be honest I never played the game through so this would be very close to a "blind playthrough".

Once that's done I'll pick up D II LOD. Where I want chat to select what class I play and how I build it. Finally The same thing will be done with DIII ROS.

I figure I would let chat pick the classes and builds on the last two games for added challenge, since I played both of these games when I was a little older so I feel a bit more confident on them.

I'm hoping you guys will join me as I take a stroll down memory lane and talk about where Diablo comes from, where its at, and where it's going. Because even if we have all been a bit disappointed in the direction the series appears to be taking, we can still enjoy the gems that have made this franchise what it is today.

Anyways if you feel like popping in the link is: Stream


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