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Diablo I, II, and III playthrough yesterday (VOD link and comments)

diablo19 - Diablo I, II, and III playthrough yesterday (VOD link and comments)

TL:DR: Thank you all for joining me even though I couldn't finish the run. Will pick it up again tomorrow at the same time! Vod link at the bottom.

Hey again guys,

First of all I want to start off by thanking the community for the huge amount of support I received yesterday. I never expected to have so many people come out and hang out the way you guys did! it felt awesome being able to share my thoughts with so many like minded people! You guys took my channel from under 20 followers to over 100 in just a day. And even though I know that's not a large amount by twitch standards to me it meant the world. So once again thank you all for stopping by!!!!

Now I have to apologize to you guys, I know I promised a full playthrough of all 3 games in one sitting and failed to deliver. For that I am truly sorry. I vastly overestimated my endurance while at the same time underestimating how truly difficult D1 still is. Diablo 1 literally drained the life out of me (curse you yellow invisible dudes!!) and Diablo II's act 3 delt the killing blow to what was left of me.


However I do feel that I owe it to you guys to see this through, which means Monday the 10th (tomorrow) I will continue where I left off in D2 and power through (hopelly) until the end of D3. Then later in the week (wednesday or thursday) I will pick up D1 again and avenge Yo Momma's legacy with a warrior that will go down to hell and will not come out until diablo is dead!

As for the vod, I have made a youtube channel in order to upload the video but since it is over 14 hours of video it might take a while. So for now I'll just link the twitch VOD for those that are interested.

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Once again thank you all so much for the support!!!

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