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Diablo II’s lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).

diablo12 - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).

So guys, before I begin, I want to say that I am not very fluent in English, so excuse me for any mistakes I've made in this post. With that out of the way, here it is:

Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day.

So the story begins about a decade ago (2007-2008) when I was in 8th or 9th grade. At that time many of my classmates were playing that game called Diablo II. I was thinking "What is this game? Is it worth start playing? After all this is 6-7 year old game." Well, I did. And… oh boy, it was epic. Played Vanilla, EasternSun mod, Ancestral Recall mod, Median, but somehow these mods were not getting me excited. Mainly because I liked so much the classic side of the game, I couldn't get used to the bright colors some of these mods introduced to the spells. Went back to playing vanilla. After an year or two, I decided that maybe I should start learning how to mod the game, because the content that came with LoD was not enough for me. I wanted more. So I did start to learn how to mod the game, from this site, called PhrozenKeep. You know… you start with your standard modding, like new Unique items, new Runewords, new Properties, custom UI, etc. The thing is… I really wanted to start making new levels in the game. I remember how I first tried modifying the Arreat Summit and crashed the game every time I tried to enter the new map. Anyways, I eventually learned how to do this and really had fun. After some time, I got bored of this and eventually quit the game (and modding) and deleted everything, because it did not have any "value" for me anymore.

At the beggining of 2018, however, I saw that page on TCRF
Diablo II - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).

The Cutting Room Floor that got me thinking I can try find these and (eventually) implement them in the game.

That motivated me to start digging in the files again, until I found all the guild halls' flags, images, the trophy case, the guild vault (some of which you can find here) etc. This was not enough for me, though. I really wanted to dig more, find these maps and bring them to life.

1. Guild Halls


GuildsThere are a total of five "guild levels" which are mentioned in Levels.txt. They all use the same palette as the Expansion, and the tiles and map information are actually available and viewable in mod-creating tools, but the palette is missing and colors are distorted. The closest palette is the Act 1 palette. They are all identical in terms of size, and curiously have the "Beta" flag ticked, indicating that they would be accessible from the open beta. While they use the same palette as the expansion, they are technically located on Act 4 (if counting from zero), the fifth Act. They are not accessible as the player cannot go past the fourth Act.While there's five different "guild levels", there are actually nine presets in the files: Guild/cottages/guild1.ds1, Guild/house1/guild1.ds1, Guild/house1/guild2.ds1, Guild/house1/guild3.ds1, Guild/house1/guild4.ds1, Guild/house1/guild4b.ds1, Guild/house1/guild5.ds1, Guild/house1/guild5b.ds1, Guild/house2/guild2.ds1, and Guild/house2/guild3.ds1. Not all of them can be loaded correctly with modmaker tools.

Diablo II#Guilds 2 - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).

The Cutting Room Floor

Also, using the Wayback Machine, I have managed to find an article in diabloii.net, explaining the idea behind these guild halls. The link can be found here.

Just to quote some interesting things:

General Information

Here's a quick run down of some of the most important Guild Hall features. These have changed greatly since Guild Halls were first described, so keep in mind that further changes are not at all out of the question.

A Guild Hall

• Guild Halls are free, and any character can found one as soon as they have completed the game once.

• Guild Halls are only available on Battle.net, and with a Guild Hall comes the right to pick a name, a three-letter abbreviation to appear after all member's names, a two-colour scheme and a chevron, an icon or symbol to represent your guild.

• The security for a Guild Hall is absolute. Before anyone can enter, they must be added to the Guild by the Guildmaster, a simple point, select option, and click procedure that is done from Battle.net chat.

• Guild Halls start small, just a single room with a grassy area outside to frolick in, but as you add money to the Steeg Stone, a form of treasury, they get bigger, and more features are added. See a low-level Guild Hall here.• There is no set limit on the number of members allowed in a guild, but it will be a large number. As many as one-hundred or more, possibly.

Eventually I extracted Guild/house1/guild5b.ds1 from the game's files and started messing around with the tiles. For those of you that do not know, Diablo II's tiles are located in .dt1 files, the maps are with .ds1 extensions. Got the .dt1 files, extracted the tiles and after I've (somewhat) recolored them with the correct color palette (I wanted to test them in Act 1), I've put these files in the correct folders, changed the neccessary fields in the .txt files (like calculating the dt1mask), inserted the strings into patchstring.tbl (the file which handles the names) and went into the game. Voila! It worked. Now I had the guild map working. The original guild map, made by Blizzard about 20 years ago. The feeling was epic. Walking around, exploring what they've built so many years ago. One of the maps that never saw the light of day. So… here it is. I've put the Guild Halls as a name of this map, but it is actually Guild/house1/guild5b.ds1.

Video of the guild5b map:

There was also something interesting I have found in the files. This text file is located at datalocallngengGuildinput.txt and it contains these guild commands:


CapsJoinMenu4, strArena, "ARENA"

CapsJoinMenu5, strGuild, "GUILD"

Guild 1, strGuild1, "Guild 1"

Guild 2, strGuild2, "Guild 2"

Guild 3, strGuild3, "Guild 3"

Guild 4, strGuild4, "Guild 4"

Guild 5, strGuild5, "Guild 5"

To Guild 5, strToGuild5, "To Guild 5"

To Guild 4, strToGuild4, "To Guild 4"

To Guild 3, strToGuild3, "To Guild 3"

To Guild 2, strToGuild2, "To Guild 2"

To Guild 1, strToGuild1, "To Guild 1"

CapsBnet9, strGuilds, "Guilds"

CapsBnet10, strEnterGuildHall, "ENTER GUILD HALL"

CapsBnet11, strInviteMember, "INVITE MEMBER"

CapsBnet12, strQuitGuild, "QUIT GUILD"

CapsBnet13, strCreateGuild, "CREATE GUILD"

CapsBnet14, strAcceptInvitation, "ACCEPT INVITATION"

CapsBnet15, strLeaveGuildConfirm, "Are You Sure That You Want To Permanently Leave Your Guild?"

CapsGuildName, strGuildName, "Guild Name"

CapsGuildTag, strGuildTag, "Guild Tag"

GuildText1, strNoInvitations, "No current guild invitations"

GuildText2, strInvitationString, " has invited you to join their guild."

Ladder3, strGuildLadder, "GUILD LADDER"

Ladder7, strSteegGold, "Steeg Gold"

gmGuildTitle, strGuildMemberTitle, "Steeg Stone Statue"

gmGuildName, strGuildNameLabel, "Name"

gmGuildTag, strGuildTagLabel, "Tag"

gmWWW, strGuildWWWLabel, "Guild Website:"

gmGuildCharter, strGuildCharterLabel, "Guild Charter:"

gmGuildCurrentGolds, strGuildCurrentGoldLabel, "Current Gold:"

gmGuildNextLevel, strGuildNextLevelLabel, "Next Level:"

gmGuildMaster, strGuildMasterLabel, "Guild master:"

gmOfficer, strGuildOfficer, "Officer"

gmName, strGuildPlayerName, "Name"

gmClass, strGuildPlayerClass, "Class"

gmLevel, strGuildPlayerLevel, "Lvl"

gmDonate, strGuildDonate, "Donate"


gmRemove, strGuildRemoveMember, "REMOVE MEMBER"

gmPal, strGuildPal, "pal"

gmSor, strGuildSor, "sor"

gmAma, strGuildAma, "ama"

gmNec, strGuildNec, "nec"

gmBar, strGuildBar, "bar"

gmChangeSym, strGuildChangeInsignia, "Click here to change insignia."

gmChangeCharter, strGuildChangeCharter, "Click here to change charter."

gmChangeWebLink, strGuildChangeWebAddress, "Click here to change web address."

Guild Portal, strGuildPortal, "Guild Portal"

createdguildsuccess, strcreatedguildsuccess, "Successfully created your guild."

createdguildfailure, strcreatedguildfailure, "Unable to create your guild."

inviteguildsuccess, strinviteguildsuccess, "Guild invitation sent."

inviteguildfailure, strinviteguildfailure, "Guild invitation failed."

inviteguildins, strinviteguildins, "You have been invited to join %s {%s}! Type /d2guildjoin to join."

joinedguildsuccess, strjoinedguildsuccess, "Successfully joined your guild."

joinedguildfailure, strjoinedguildfailure, "Unable to join guild."

quitguildsuccess, strquitguildsuccess, "Successfully resigned from your guild."

quitguildfailure, strquitguildfailure, "Unable to quit guild."

guildentererror, strguildentererror, "Unable to enter guild."

strGuildMasterKicked, strGuildMasterKicked, "%s was booted by the Guild Master"

strGuildPerk1, strGuildPerk1, "Emblem"

strGuildPerk2, strGuildPerk2, "Personal Stash"

strGuildPerk3, strGuildPerk3, "Vault"

strGuildPerk4, strGuildPerk4, "Message Board"

strGuildPerk5, strGuildPerk5, "Trophy Case"

strGuildPerk6, strGuildPerk6, "No more upgrades."

strGuildGoldDonated, strGuildGoldDonated, "%d gold donated"

strGuildDonateGold, strGuildDonateGold, "How much gold do you want to donate? (Current:%d)"

gmGuildCurrentGoldPopup, strGuildCurrentGoldPopup, "Gold donated to guild"

gmGuildNextLevelPopup, strGuildNextLevelPopup, "Gold needed to upgrade guild"

gmGuildDonateGoldPopup, strGuildDonateGoldPopup, "Donate gold to guild"

Message Board, strMessageBoard, "Message Board"

Trophy Case, strTrophyCase, "Trophy Case"

Guild Vault, strGuildVault, "Guild Vault"

Steeg Stone, strSteegStone, "Steeg Stone"

guildaccepticon, strguildaccepticon, "accept icon or not"

guildmsgtext, strguildmsgtext, "Text"

2. Arenas


98lsnxgahiq21 - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).


ArenasLike with Guilds, there are a few cut Arena levels as well. There are three in all: two tomb levels (which have preset files DM2.ds1 and DM3.ds1) and one called Arena Travincal which references a missing file (Trav1.ds1).

Diablo II#Arenas 2 - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).

Source: The Cutting Room Floor

After the Guild Halls, I really wanted to see these two maps. Not only that, I wanted to play on a map that (maybe) only 1% of the players knew about and even less saw it with their eyes.

Of course, I first started looking for that Trav1.ds1 map that this site stated is missing. It is true, sadly. It is not in the game files. But the other two – DM2.ds1 and DM3.ds1 are still there. Thanks to the guys from this thread at the PhrozenKeep's forums, found here, I have managed to extract these two maps from the MPQ (yeah, you can see my posts, made in March 2018). Bear in mind that I am modding the 1.13c version of the game. It is more likely than not that these files are still in the MPQs even in 1.14. These ones were very easy to implement, I just had to create the level with the dimensions of the .ds1 files and set the .dt1 files required to load the map to Act2's Tomb.dt1, as well as some recolloring and then both maps were available to play.

The first one is DM2.ds1.

And the second one – DM3.ds1.

Again, some interesting quote, regarding these maps:

Special Arenas

PvP fights will get more complicated with more combatants, and duels in Diablo II will be much shorter than games of Starcraft or Brood War. It is possible that there will be some sort of allowance for best of three, five or seven falls in a head to head duel. Team support seems likely, but since the fights go so quickly, teams will have to be decided upon before the game. No fiddling around for twenty minutes at the start of the game, then selecting some allies.There are a number of different planned game types:

King of the Hill – This game would require some sort of geographic feature right in the tile set: probably a hill (literally), and perhaps at a set time the player who was on the very top of the hill would be the winner.

Highlander – This is of course based on the saying from the Highlander movies and TV show, "There can be only one." This would be a sort of Free For All game with everyone starting at the same time, and each dead player leaving the game. The last one standing would win the prizes, if people had bet things. Strategy would include staying out of big fights to avoid dying early. Some sneaky types could hide until nearly everyone else was dead, then swoop in and get the last kill and take the purse.

Free For All – This could be an ongoing game, where you would just join in and fight whoever else was in there. Probably there would be automatic resurrection, either at a random location, or else in a safe area. There could be various games of this sort ongoing all day on B.net, with possible class or level restrictions to join in. Barbarians-only, between Clvl 20-25, for example.

Capture the Flag – Some sort of team capture the flag game. Very cool for guilds.Siege – This would require some sort of customised tile set. Some players would be in a defensible position, the others would try to get in and kill them, or perhaps just breaching the defence would award a victory. Archers on a tower, or something of that nature.

As you can see from just this brief selection, there are many possible styles of games. It is unknown how these would work with the player ranking system. We suspect that many of these would just be for fun, or for practice, since it would be very complex to try and work out a fair ranking system based on these sorts of uncontrolled games. They will, no doubt, require specially made arenas to operate: A castle for each team in capture the flag, a series of hills around a larger hill for King of the Hill. This is a very exciting feature that will, no doubt, result in many a sleepless night and countless hours of play.

You can also find these for yourself if you have the DRTester tool and follow the settings in these screenshots.


4qs6zgalfiq21 - Diablo II's lost maps. The legacy that never saw the light of day (Guild Halls and Arena maps).


All these maps can be opened using the win_ds1edit tool. Here is the link with the edited files.

Thanks go to the PhrozenKeep community (www.d2mods.info) for discovering these maps and creating the tools, used in creating and modifying these maps.

If you made it to here, I hope you found this post interesting and learned something about the game we all played at some point. I am posting this, so that if Blizzard decide at some point to remaster DII, maybe they can also include these? 🙂

Source: Original link

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