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Diablo Immoral Wiki taken over by the community

diablo10 - Diablo Immoral Wiki taken over by the community

Check out the Diablo Immoral Wiki and the hilarious contributions from the community so far.

A few hand picked gems for you:

Barbarian abilities: Whirlwind – Spin your cellphones out, dealing massive damage to nearby PC gamers.

Wizard abilities: Lightning Nova – Creates a wave of electrical energy that can temporarily stun and reset the dislike counter on social media enemies.

Recommended requirements: You don't already have a phone?

Story: Diablo Immortal expands upon the legend of the one and only, Lord of Darkness, Diablo. In it we will see that Diablo has become so powerful, so evil, that he has taken control of the game development itself. He has found a new power, a magical device that infects every home in the world.

Diablo plans to steal the souls of the vulnerable, the stupid and children by addicting them to gambling using this new device.

Go wild guys, this is one of the few chances to turn this depressing trainwreck into a few good laughs. For the Horde!

edit: Apparently the admins of the wiki started to undo some of the edits. All community edits have been screenshotted and uploaded by d3 forum user AndreRX470. His name shall not be forgotten.

If some of you glorious peeps want to unundo the edits based on the screenshots (or your own creativity), that's your call to make 😉

edit2: Archived Wiki – thanks to Tarnen from the us d3 forums, another hero to save the day.


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