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Diablo IV Q4 – feedback

diablo3 - Diablo IV Q4 - feedback

Nice update Blizz!

First off, well done to the Diablo IV team they are clearly taking onboard feedback and listening to the community. Very refreshing to see from Blizzard!

Angelic Powers to Stat points

  • Great change, while simple Int, Str, Dex and WP are more fitting on human characters.
  • Linking stats to skills within the talent tree challenges players not to simply stack a characters primary stat all the time.

Potential issue: If stats are 'too easy' to come by then reaching thresholds for specific talents and builds is effectively trivialized. The trade-off has to be there to ensure scarcity of resources and therefore a meaningful decision for the player.

No Vitality stat point for character progression

  • Excellent decision, as it quickly becomes the easy default for stat allocation

Item rarity and affixes

  • General direction is good; you are listening!
  • Each rarity has a clear purpose even if that might not yet have been fully achieved

Potential issues:

  • Legendary affixes are clearly way more powerful than a standard affix. This brings into question the relevance of Rare items in the medium to long run. IMO Rare items should always roll one more affix than a legendary to allow perfect roles to always be relevant. Also, with legendary affixes taking up two slots it gives justification for their power.
  • Some legendary affixes feel very 'niche' to the point they would make better sense as unique items. Legendary affixes should feel special but not so niche they pigeon hole the item into very specific class builds. This is especially relevant given they are now randomly rolled.

Crit chance (damage trifecta)

  • This scares me personally, its a quick way to destroy itemization and its very prevalent on your example items.


  • Limit Crit modifiers to stat point allocation and/or talent tree skills where they can be controlled within each class.

Unique item/weapon stats

  • I like this a lot! Making each weapon feel special and each item you equip have a clear purpose relative to the type of equipment it represents. i.e. boots naturally giving movement speed type affixes unable to roll on other item pieces.
  • Same with weapons; axes, swords, shields and wands etc have something unique about the weapon type feels thematic and adds another dimension to decision making.

Attack & Defense

  • Still concerning…..need more information.


  • Basically, will a level 49 item naturally have weaker attack/defense than a level 50 one? If so, each level basically invalidates the one prior. Nothing worse than knowing levels 1-49 are basically a waste of time and upon reaching level 50 you vendor every item you have spent hours/days/weeks collecting.
  • Being an RPG the journey should be in focus and that means the ability to find items along the way you might actually carry with you well into the end game. There are a few ways to achieve this but its certainly not making each item level naturally more powerful than the level before.


Great job!

In your next update, I would love to better understand how attack/defense is going to work as item levels progress. Also, how you intend to make leveling and an enjoyable RPG experience that naturally builds into the end game, rather than simply something to be rushed through like an MMO to get to max level. Diablo 3 absolutely failed in this department!

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