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Hi again.

I've read your comments and suggestions on the previous post about the login system.

Before getting into that I'll take some time to explain some other changes that I've made so far.

  • Articles now have a view counter
  • I fixed some issues with the draft system.When you start building it should automatically save your changes in real time correctly.Your draft list appears on the left sidebar under "my drafts".When start building by selecting a class it should automatically load your latest draft of that specific class instead of making a new draft from scratch (saves local storage memory and makes sense).
  • The downloading popups are gone, I replaced them with small loadings bars above each slot.They shouldn't be intrusive, I didn't wanna abbandon the idea of letting the user know what's going on in the background.
  • The server has every list of items already cached in, only some tooltips are still missing, but those will be cached in with time as users view the tooltips.At this point I'm hoping it performs better.
  • Articles can now be edited by their author. https://imgur.com/a/CyAvfTW

At first reading the comments on the previous post it seemed like almost everyone wanted the battle.net system gone, but after some time people were asking for it to stay, so I was a bit confused to what to do.

I still don't want to gather emails and user passwords on my server, this project is just something I'm doing for fun, I'm not looking forward to safeguarding people's data ony my free time, I hope you understand that.

I'm keeping the oAuth system, but I'm also implementing a Google solution. You can sign up with a google account.So you can just make a throw away google account and use that if you want.

The bnet system itself is not the same as before, your battletag doesn't show up anymore and it is not stored in the database, instead a hashed string of it is stored.

The same goes for the google accounts. I'm not gathering the email address of the accounts, google actually provides a numeric unique id instead of the email from the node I'm requesting the data. I could just use that plain ID, but as I understand that ID can be used to lookup the account on Google plus? Even though they abbandoned G+ recently? I'm not sure, so I hash that one aswell.


Ultimatelly these hashed strings will serve as your IDs on the website, you don't need to worry about them, you don't need to memorize them or anything like that, they just exist, and they work.

That being said, they are kind of uggly, so when you sign in you are requested a nickname https://imgur.com/a/2mIqrZk

These nicknames don't have any meaning beside letting the server know what to display on your posts instead of that hashed id.

Nicknames don't have to be unique and they can be changed everytime you sign in. So if you want to change yours, just logout, and login back with a different nickname.

Your hash id will be the same, you'll be able to edit the same articles, delete your comments and everything, the nickname is just that, a nickname.

NOTE: clicking on the article's author or hovering over a comment's author will show up a tooltip with the hashed id of that user, so that you can distinguish between users with the same nicknames. I'll improve the UI, I'll add a quick way to make comparisons between users. https://imgur.com/a/JDdXfv3

NOTE: I've changed the hash algorithm since the last time, to one that has less collisions, and since I don't store battletags on the database, I don't know the battletags of the 2 users who posted those 2 articles.So even though you guys are using the same accounts to login, you won't be able to edit them or delete them, because your hash ids are now different, and hash ids can't be decrypted, I'll have to delete them, or leave them like that. I'm not sure which yet.

Next weekend I'll get back working on it, I'll add some filters on the home page.

And finally, what do you think about the login system?Does the site perform better for you? Or is it not noticeable?


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