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Did D2 get harder?

diablo13 - Did D2 get harder?

Every so often I get the urge to do a playthrough of D2 for nostolgia's sake. I remember being a kid and breezing through Normal and into Nightmare with nothing more than a barbarian, the relevant weapon skill, and a left mouse button (as in only basic attacks). This was straight off the disc, and since I was on dial-up, I never got any patches, so I think v1.11b? was the highest version I ever got to and always cruised through the game. As a kid this was fine, but being older I know this would be next-level boring, but having done several playthroughs now I constantly get stuck around late act 3 through act 4 on normal where I feel severely underpowered, no matter the build.


Chief problem is how hard it is to maintain a decent hit chance. I remember before putting 5 points into dex every so often to keep it high, but ever since I started these on and off characters for a few years, I always hit this wall where I'm whooshing at demons constantly. I started an spear amazon recently and I'm once again running into the same problem. Act 2, level 18-19, and I've got attack rating boosts from both rings, my spear, and my gloves. ~500 AR, and I have ~80% chance to hit, but it's more like 1 in 4 attacks actually connect. I've done a barb with a maxed weapon skill, I've done a paladin with blessed aim and zeal, I've done a fury werewolf druid, all the while adding amethysts to gear to help my AR…nothing fixes this problem of having horrible accuracy. Leveling feels like it starts taking ages too. I end up grinding out a level or two before Mt. Arreat and it takes me an hour probably to gain a level in the mid-30s.

It's making D2 feel awful to play cause starting towards the end of act 1 even I start missing enough that it really starts to take awhile to hit things, and that's typically when I stop for another 6 months or so and then try it again for nostolgia's sake. I really want to hit the late-game for D2 as I never got to that point as a kid, and I'd really like to experience it.

tl;dr I guess I'm bad at D2 plz halp

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