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Embracing the Community Will Reduce Toxicity

diablo13 - Embracing the Community Will Reduce Toxicity

Something learned from a past failed MMORTS, specifically Age of Empires Online, is that turning towards the community and embracing the community will help to reduce the toxicity of the community because what we aren't expressing very well is a desire for open and honest communication with the dev team.

Kevin Perry, the Exec Producer of Age of Empires Online, covers this point in his GDC Online talk ( https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1016585/Age-of-Empires-Online-Radical ). I bring up this failed MMORTS because it's helpful to look at failures, and learn from them so that Blizzard doesn't repeat the mistakes of the past.

To do this, however, takes enough courage for the community side of the dev team to be willing to withstand the hellfire until the community calms down – and absolutely requires at least a monthly dev update, if not bi-weekly or weekly communication in a stream where the playerbase can interact with the dev team. Yes, the first few sessions are going to suck, but we all want a way forward, and it all starts with Blizzard taking the first step.


And while I really don't like saying "fire people", if the community manager isn't willing to do this part of their job Blizzard needs to replace them with one that will because the health of the Diablo franchise depends upon it. Until then, we've got to continue to turn up the heat until Blizzard sees their error and takes steps to fix it.


Linked wrong conference chat, old one (still interesting) is at https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1019303/F2P-the-Wrong-Way-Age.

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