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[EU] Hound of Abaddon – EU Region – Relaxed social clan/community looking for friends! 18+ :)

diablo18 - [EU] Hound of Abaddon - EU Region - Relaxed social clan/community looking for friends! 18+ :)

About Us

We are a growing English-speaking social casual clan / community based in the European Time Zone who are looking for members to fill our ranks. If you're looking for non-elitist, newbie friendly, chill and casual clan / community then check us out! We have only just started and we're not really anywhere number wise. We're hoping for more people to join us and make the clan / community more active and filled with loud, quirky and fun people with a wacky sense of humor such as you! That being said, like many clans/communities out there, we do have our own sets of rules which are all outlined in the discord upon joining.

This is both a community and a clan within Diablo III – We have both setup due to the fact that most might be in a clan with friends or your current clan might have more members than we do.Hence we also have a community that'll allow you to play with other members :)In general everyone who join the clan, would also be in the community.Those in the community might not necessarily be in the clan.

Currently have 19 players in the community and 10 in the clan :3

Core Principles

Our focus is to be a friendly social clan / community that does what Diablo III has to offer. That includes:

🍕Running along with contents for new or returning players

🍕Help with gear progression – just ask us questions, someone with the knowledge will always respond 🙂

🍕And even just being AFK in game socializing in the clan / community chat (I'm talking about those who logs in and do not know what to do).

A place where members would log in and generally just enjoy each other's company.

Our Social Link


We have rules and regulation which can be found here https://discord.gg/GMGFepk. Join us and see if this is a community that you'd like to spend your time with 🙂 If you're a veteran or is just someone who would like to grow with us, have suggestions for events that you want to do together, let us know on discord!

Our discord is open for public and has recently opened up for other games in hopes to expand the community so if you're the person who plays multiple games, we also encourage you to invite your friends to join us as well! Currently, we have a few games on the list being Apex Legends, Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch. We're hoping to expand this list when more people decide to vote for their games to be on board 🙂 We also have a guild site that's recently launched. You can visit us at https://houndofabaddon.com/ , however accessibility for Diablo 3 has not yet been added.

Link to the Official EU Diablo III Forum Post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/17626272510

Contact Us

If you wish to be invited, you can join the community directly. Just search for it. If you want to join the clan too, I'll send you an invite once you're in the community. Alternatively you can join us on discord and drop your battle.tag in our #gaming-hub channel to get an invite to either.

When you join the community, please be sure to actually join the chat. As Diablo III does not automatically join the community chat for whatever reason.

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