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Everyone pile on your wisdom so we can all push further!


Real simple, Diablo 3 is a simple game to start but complex in its nature. A lot of little tidbits and tricks are hidden and some people have yet to find them. With the increasing switch version purchases and people just looking for a new game to kill time during this lockdown, now is a relevant time to share.

Whatever you've learned that you think is vital to Diablo 3 that would help a noobie or a veteran better their odds at this game. Post it here.

The goal is to amass as much knowledge under one topic for anyone having trouble this season, starting, or veterans for next season and so on. Share anything you think is worth knowing, as much as you've got.

I'll start…

  • Completing sets without the gift quickly.

While there are many ways to grind a new set, one of the fastest I've found is through the Kadala method. It's very simple:

First, find out the drop rate(in blood shards) of all set items and locate the one with the highest drop chance. UE demon hunter, for example, is the shoulders and boots after that.

Second, run GRs for shards. You also boost gems while there but maintain speed clear times cause priority is max shards.

Third, spend shards on shoulders(or whatever has highest drop chance) until you have the exact number for the set needed.

Lastly, use the cube to reroll shoulders into the set you want.

Using this method you can complete entire sets in anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on your RNG and amount of materials you have. With my alts I've had entire sets completed in 5 minutes thanks to some good RNG while sometimes I had to do a few runs for them. It's still the fastest method around that is sped even further if you have mats to directly upgrade yellows to also speed the process.

  • Speaking of mats.

Bounties can be a bit annoying to do solo, so I have a more "casual" method for running them so as to not burn out when making an alt or needing mats.

Its very simple: Monday through Friday are the "collection" days. Saturday is the "dump" day. Sunday is the "roll" day.

What do I mean?

Monday through Friday your goal is to get AT LEAST 1 bounty chest from each area. You can do it more often if you have the patience. However, the goal is getting 1 chest from each area. DONT OPEN THEM. Instead you store them away then run rift's and GRs as usual.


Note: if a duplicate of a weapon or armor piece you use drops, store it away. You'll see why later.

By Saturday you'll run the bounties again and get 1 of each chest. Now you should have 6 days worth of chests. THAT'S A LOT OF MATS. Today is dump day though. So take the chests out and dump them all. Gear isnt really worthwhile but you may get lucky. Instead what we want are the exclusive mats, DBs and, most importantly, shards. Roll the shards on gear or sets because you'll have a whole lot to play with at T16 runs. Again, dont scrap duplicates. Keep 1 copy of each gear piece you use.

At this point you may have gotten lucky and gotten some new gear with better stats than your previous. DONT mess with it. Run rift's and GRs instead, like you would the other days of the week and gather more stuff.

Sunday is "Roll" day. You've gathered all these mats and all these weapons/armors/etc. Now is when you organize everything and see what is useful and what isnt. First, if your build isn't complete you upgrade yellows to get the pieces needed to complete your built, after that you roll stats on good gear to make them viable or better, you'll have plenty of mats to so.

Then, once all rolls are done to perfection or close to it. You spend the entirety of the other mats on the cube, rerolling gear duplicates to attempt to get ancients or even primal versions or getting slots on rings. Once all mats are spent you evaluate the build and chances are you'll have a whole freakin lot of changes. Then its free day and you can do whatever.

Repeat the routine on monday. Even if you log in just for bounty chests. Running around the world will get you some gear drop chances and you'll always have that huge mat stock on sunday to upgrade and reroll to your heart's content. This will keep you from reaching that "RNG burnout phase" where basically you're just getting bad drops and the game goes from fun to irritating. This method will always guarantee your build progresses because you'll always have Gems upgraded due to GR runs, new armor and weapons from the mat supply and plenty of roll options on your gear to get those max stats.

There is plenty more knowledge. Share what you have!

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