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Faction/Reputation system that works with D4?

diablo14 - Faction/Reputation system that works with D4?

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I’ll be posting a few random ideas for in-game activities I had recently in separate posts, those ideas are not meant to be taken as serious attempts at designing an endgame activity / progression system. I’m mostly writing it for fun. All numbers, items, rewards, and everything like that is just an example. None of the ideas is specifically meant to be a progression system or an endgame system as those ideas are merely the big picture, the generalized core of the idea, with some examples, that can be adjusted, changed or balanced. The main reason for sharing these ideas is to have fun, ideally creating a discussion and to provide some feedback, and I feel a need to share those ideas, regardless of how likely people are to agree with me or not, simply because I believe that variety of in-game activities is incredibly important and even if someone dislikes my idea, they might come up with a better one as a result.

It’s also important to point out one thing that applies to pretty much everything I post and I think it’s important to Diablo and it is a core element of the game:

  • All functional items (so basically everything except cosmetics) should be obtainable by every solo player and every group player. The reward for playing in a group should be the efficiency.

The Idea:

This is pretty much taken from Grim Dawn and some RPGs. I think D4’s open world provides a good opportunity to introduce some progression systems in form of Factions and Reputation / Devotion Systems.

Factions can be regional. They can include different guilds, organizations, towns, etc. Some examples could include the 3 Rogue-unique factions, Iron Wolves, Zakarum Order, Brotherhood of the Horadrim, Caldeum, or any single town, camp etc. There could also be a negative reputation system tied to different monster families.

Those factions could have their Reputation or Devotion systems. The reputation could also be simplified to regional reputation. Because the general ideas is the same in both cases and only the scale and complexity changes, I’ll describe the simplified version.

As you complete quests, bounties, clear dungeons, and do other things to help people of any given region, you gain reputation in that region.

You can have 5 reputation levels, each unlocks new possibilities and rewards.

  • Stranger – You only have access to basic bounties and basic vendors in the towns of that region.
  • Friendly – You gain access to buy basic crafting materials.
  • Honored – You gain access to special weekly quests that provide greater rewards than regular quests. You unlock the title “Defender of ”.
  • Revered – You unlock the ability to buy region/faction themed sets of armor and weapons (thus unlocking them as transmog options).
  • Hero of – You unlock the title “Hero of ”. You unlock the ability to buy a Faction/Region themed mount.

In addition it would be interesting if unlocking different levels of reputation would unlock short story questlines specific to that region, this would give you the feeling of the world being truly alive, because as you do your own thing out there in the open and gain the reputation, occasionally new quest in that regional story questline would appear.


(If the system was faction-based and not region-based, we could have faction-specific titles, missions, reputation ranks, rewards etc.)

As you kill enemies from a specific monster family, your reputation with them decreases and has 4 levels basically like in Grim Dawn.

  • Hostile – No effects.
  • Despised – Additional elites may spawn.
  • Hated – Rarely, a hero of that faction can spawn (basically a stronger elite) and attack you.
  • Nemesis – While in the territory of this faction you can encounter Nemesis Enemies. They are challenging mini-bosses but provide greater loot than your typical elites. Additionally they may drop some cosmetic rewards, trophies, rare crafting materials and a title “Bane of the ”.

Overall this system is not something people should feel like they’re forced to do to maximize their efficiency, because pretty much all activities in any given region would increase their reputation anyway. So it’s just here to add a feeling of progression, make the world evolve and adapt, make it feel alive, and you could get it by simply playing and not even knowing that reputation even exists, because everything you do in a region rants you reputation, which also makes sense because the world shouldn’t wait for you to do some specific reputation quests in order to evolve, it should simply evolve kinda on it’s own. This way, the system can also reset with each season without it being annoying, since you’ll max out your rep at some point by simply doing dungeons, bounties, killing enemies, doing events, killing bosses and all the other stuff.


Also from now on I will always complain about one thing in most of the posts I make just as a rule. The following isn’t related to this post and the idea it presents, there's no need to read it, you have been warned:

Blizzard, do not force me to play and see other people, let me play alone! At the very least allow private instances or guild instances. Give me a singleplayer experience like all other Diablo games did (I do not mean offline, I mean being able to create an online character and create a private lobby and simply play alone). Simply scale down all the unsoloable content like world bosses so that I can actually solo them, while scaling down the rewards I get too if you have to, idc. I absolutely hate interacting with others if I don’t have precise control over when I’m doing it. I want to choose when to interact with the Shared World, not be forced into it. No one can deny that the ability to play alone was always one of the core elements in Diablo. No one can deny that D4 is drastically different from all other Diablo games and is very innovative. For the most part, I love the innovation and I’m not against pvp, multiplayer etc, but I’m against it being forced. I’m against not including an alternative, against not giving people a choice. And I think no one could possibly be against giving people that choice, even people who don’t want to play solo at all don’t lose anything by having an OPTION to play less efficiently (solo). Let everyone enjoy the game how they want to.

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