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[Fan Fiction] Diablo 4: Legacy of Terror

diablo3 - [Fan Fiction] Diablo 4: Legacy of Terror

I thought of how D4 should go. Here's my thoughts so far…


The game's story is set in the distant future about a cult that worships the fallen Diablo, an old and great evil, worthy of ruling Sanctuary. This cult has found fragments of the original soul stone, which began pulsing with warmth 50 years after the destruction of the Black Soulstone. There is a fight for shards, as they possess some mysterious powers, granting the owners strength. Some say they hear the whispers of Diablo himself. As the cult grows, leaders arise. Demons are everywhere and their main leader is yet to be known.

The entire game won't have Diablo in it – it is as the title suggests, it is the legacy of Diablo and what his terror has left behind. If you've followed the Batman series before, it's sort of like The Killing Joke. Leoric won't be back – he's dead and in his tomb. The Butcher won't be back – he dead. Azrael's not gonna backstab the Angels again. We're talking about a new Diablo game here, with new story, new villains, and new heroes. People ain't getting resurrected… unless there's a backing for it.

With the soul stone shards in all the different parts of Sanctuary, you wish to find the root of this evil. You want to figure out how everything came to be. The best way to do that is to go to Tristram.

Act I. Rise of The Fallen.

Act I exists to bridge the old with the new. As the years have gone by, the draw of New Tristram faded behind and has now become long abandoned. Tristram, on the other hand, remains the home of only the few whose grandparents lived through the terror that unfolded in The End of Days (Diablo 3). The children of Tristram are told the heroic tales of the Nephalem. Adria's shack remains as a broken shack, and residents dare not go close. The cathedral's underground entrance is completely buried; the roof was destroyed 114 years ago, and over numerous storms, all that remains is only rubble. Delinquents from neighboring towns visit the cathedral at night, as the landmark site was known as the birth of Diablo and his initial demise.

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The imp numbers of The Fallen have risen dramatically in Sanctuary. While they are mostly harmless to the warriors and mages, they are a huge threat to civilians. Smaller villages are often ransacked by hordes of The Fallen for their food and weapons, with men, women, and children being murdered in the process. There are less and less families willing to live alone in their homes away from the more populated areas.

Front and center in Tristram is a villager hanged for betraying the people. His body is freshly decomposing, as this had only happened two nights ago. He was the teacher responsible for luring nine children out to The Fallen, after he had gone rogue. "We cannot be saved from this madness," he had repeated to everyone. He believed that sacrificing those children would buy Tristram time to leave it behind.

But the people of Tristram will not leave without their grandchildren. They have been sending mail to the bigger cities in request of an army, and gathering the veteran adventurers together to plan for an attack. Griswold, named after a blacksmith who died after the Darkening of Tristram, has worked tirelessly over the past few days to forge weapons for the attack. One of the veteran adventurers are ready-to-go. His name? Man, I don't know… Maybe Wyatt (not final). I'll probably kill him off in like, the second act.

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