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Farm Smartly? Playing a game with RNG god?

diablo13 - Farm Smartly? Playing a game with RNG god?

Hello everyone,

I believe this has been discussed numbers of time. I still want to listen to some suggestions. I have limited experience with Diablo3, only two seasons, playing wizard in both sessions. I encountered really bad RNG this season compared against last season and let me tell why:

  • I have about 63 hours of playing time on my wizard this season. Last season, I clocked 300+ hours in total. So I am a mid-core player.
  • I have 1415 paragons so far and collected 30 primal which translates to about 12k+ forgotten souls have been collected.
  • For my entire seasons:
    • I saw ONE ancient Nemesis Bracers dropped – with Dex not INT
    • I saw ONE ancient Fazula's Improbable Chain dropped – with 44 Archon stacks
  • My reforge failed on me:
    • I spent about 2k forgotten souls on reforging weapon / neck and got one usable ancient Chantodo's Will and normal version Squirt's Necklace.
    • I spent about 5K+ forgotten souls on reforging Fazula's Improbable Chain (108 times if I calculate correctly), I got 8 ancient pieces and none of them have higher than 45 archon stacks.

Here are my concerns:

  • With that kind of RNG luck, my gears are fall behind with my paragons. I am still able to play GR110 with others, but I will be kicked out for the team on farming 115 and above. With that, it will be hard for me to make progression on getting higher paragons or getting on leaderboard.
  • I farmed 105+95 = 200 round of GR runs in last two days (most of time I was soloing GR101) and still not able to get anything. I had worked really really hard, and I did get a primal Chantodo's Will with INT/VIT/LOH (turned into 15 souls directly)

Here are what I have been told:

  • Do not run bounties and reforge till the end of season – I agreed with it if I can have 85%-95% perfect gears in the first 3 weeks of seasons. Unfortunately, I do not have.
  • It is all about RNG, you just need to run more – Is there evidence or proof on such statement?

My open questions:

  • We all knew GR91 may drop 12 legendary items same as GR150. However, I do feel GR91 has higher chance to get blue / yellow than GR101. How to explain this? Does it mean higher GR have higher chance to drop better or rarer loots?
  • Where can I have a most accurate / updated loot table? The d3planner version is good start point however I feel it is not accurate from my close to 400 hours of playing experience.
  • What shall I do for now:
    • I currently have 5.3k Souls and 4K DBs – Do you suggest me to keep farming GR and keep the mats till the end of season?
    • Shall I augment my 50%-60% perfect gears to catch up with teammate on dps or shall I keep solo farming GR101?

Pics for proof and eye candies:

3jgpd6cgivm31 - Farm Smartly? Playing a game with RNG god?


Great Weapon for 15 souls

tifinhejivm31 - Farm Smartly? Playing a game with RNG god?


Only the other primal I potentially be able to use with Chantodo Vyr Wizard:

56bmrj7pivm31 - Farm Smartly? Playing a game with RNG god?


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