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Feedback and Ideas for the Ancestral, Angelic, and Demonic Power Stats

diablo11 - Feedback and Ideas for the Ancestral, Angelic, and Demonic Power Stats

I had a few ideas for a way to implement a system similar to what they were initially going for while also appeasing fans of D2 stats (I think).

The way it stands currently as I understand it, you build up your Power stats from items and combine them together to cross specific thresholds to unlock extra affixes in your items which is what causes the “bookkeeping” they refer too. The stats also provide specific buffs to things like crowd control, critical hit chance, etc. I like both of these ideas but I have slight adjustments.

My first idea is to scrap the current names. I think it’s currently a little too on the nose and kind of cheesy. Rhykker also made a good point that there’s not really a logical reason for the stats doing what they do. Crowd Control buffs are Angelic, but why? In my opinion they should revert to the classic Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence that can provide nostalgia with the naming convention but also give a more logical spectrum to various benefits that could fall under the umbrella for that stat. This could also help with class fantasy and identity because the different classes could have varied starting stats.

First I want to talk about base buffs that the stats provide and how the idea could be expanded. I think each stat should affect multiple different buffs and mechanics that makes sense thematically.

• Strength could affect things like + % to Melee Damage, + % to Defense, + % to Crushing Blow chance, + % to Block chance, etc.


• Dexterity could provide buffs like + % to Ranged Damage, + % to Critical Strike chance, + % to Cooldown Reduction, + % to Dodge chance, + % to Movement Speed, etc.

• Intelligence adds – % to Resource Cost, + % on Elemental Damage, + % to Magic Find, + % Crowd Control effects, etc.

Obviously this is very basic but I think it gets the point across. I want all of the stats to be potentially useful to each class and not just main stat is all that matters.

My next point is regarding these stats in itemization. I don’t think that there should be stat requirements to equip any item. I however do like the idea of different thresholds for stats providing extra affixes on certain items. Though, I think the stats should be mostly character based in terms of increasing them. I think that if items are gonna have affixes increasing these stats it should be small increases. I don’t want 90% of my stats coming from my items. This way it takes some of the emphasis off of your items and adds back into character power and limits the bookkeeping.

I don’t have an exact answer to how increasing these stats would work outside of the item increases but maybe it’s a combination of leveling, passives, items, usage based, and rare consumable items that give permanent stat increases.

Give me you guys feedback and suggestions!!

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