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[FEEDBACK] Diablo 4 and Paragon-like system

diablo12 - [FEEDBACK] Diablo 4 and Paragon-like system

There is a similar post about level cap but I want to concretize. At the last Blizzcon, I’ve heard that Blizzard plans to implement an endgame system similar to D3’s Paragon Leveling. A system that rewards the player for playing post maximum level. And this is a dangerous sign for me. Because it may have a critical influence on the fate of Diablo 4. I love the series and want Diablo 4 to be a great game that takes and improves the best parts of past games and that’s why I am concerned about this.

Originally this system was released during Vanilla D3 to improve replayability and provide players an additional goal due to the poor itemization system, lack of endgame content and other early D3 issues. It worked really well, by filling the game with a purpose other than grinding for better items. Initially, there was a level cap for Paragon, 100, and there were 10 character slots per account, so some people even had a race to reach Paragon “1000”, as in 10 characters at Paragon 100. That was challenging, people developed tactics to find the best way to farm experience and kept it in secret to win the race. Basically, in this case the system improves the game in almost every aspect for most players.


And then one of the most controversial decisions was made: Paragon cap has been raised to infinity, effectively removing the sense of completion for a lot of players as infinity is not reachable. The hunt for the best gear is not important with a system like that, why would you spend tons of time getting perfect items if just grinding experience is potentially more valuable. Even the characters from the top of the non-season leaderboards don’t have the best gear because it is almost meaningless especially when the Paragon experience requirement per level does not increase after level 2000. This also a bot friendly system, and let’s be honest bots will always be there in this genre. Personally i love D3 but play it only for season rewards ~30 hours per season just because It not interesting for me to play ARPG without possibility to make a perfect character.

However, during the WoW panel game director said that the team abandoned the idea of similar infinite grind systems, i.e. artifact power for the future. It’s encouraging. But games are different as are the teams that develop them. And I want to do my best to make next Diablo game better.

My proposition is:

– Every system, including itemization, that provides character power MUST have a reasonable and reachable cap. It shouldn’t be easy but nevertheless achievable for long term. The cap might be raised or changed from expansion to expansion or with major patches.

One of the most dedicated Diablo fans.

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