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FEEDBACK – Q3 Update

diablo17 - FEEDBACK - Q3 Update

1 word to sum up this quarterly update: very promising, good direction, needs more complexity on the current path. ok it was more than 1 word.

  • Ancestral/Demonic/Angelic Powers

Not only this was a bad system which created more barriers than options, it also sounded cheesier than all the french cheese names combined. It was like some chinese non-english speaking devs tried to make a western name for features. I am curious to see what they want to bring here to the table. I am also curious why they don t choose traditional stats with many normal affixes on items. You know, like PC ARPG Games have. Not like those in mobile arpgs.

"However, one thing we really liked about the system was the gameplay of managing stats in meaningful ways to hit certain bonus thresholds that then make your items better suited for the playstyle you are going for."

–> How about adding you know…some sort of…STAT POINTS? Instead of adding thresholds for equipping the items (like in d2) add thresholds for bonus features unlocked on items (at certain stat levels on the characters). For example when your character has a total of 100 strength allocated from stat points on the character, all axes regardless of rarity tier get a bonus affix unlocked like +5% attack speed, all hammers +5% damage and so on. doesn t have to be something gigantic. Add the points on THE CHARACTER, through stat allocation. the treshold bonuses will be on the items but unlocked through character stat points, not affixes on items. much easier and there is much room for other interesting affixes on items in this way without overcluttering items with affixes. And you get more character customisation. The initial systems need to be complex enough. Expansions should expand on these. Not change them entirely cause they were lacking to begin with.

  • Legendary Items

"We agree with the feedback that a character’s power is currently too dependent on items. We plan to put more of the player’s power back into the character to make build choices more impactful, rather than have the majority of player power coming from the items they have equipped."

–> At least the idea reached their ears. Sounds promising if true. Please don t make stuff like in D3 where unequipping items made your monk just like the other 2 million monks.

"We’ve also had very mixed team feedback regarding core itemization. We’re currently looking at how to best differentiate our various item qualities."

Very mixed feedback is a very polite way to say it. I am glad that this idea also reached their ears. Sounds promising if they deliver. Of course, in every arpg you find weak useless items. But we don t want to have just legendary items as the only viable tier like in d3. (or even worse, set items as the only tier)

"For example, should Magic quality items have higher affix stats than Rare items?"

–> YES. And rares higher affix stats than legendaries. make everything good at something so that more tiers of items are viable. At endgame you could equip 3 legendaries 4 rares and 2 magic items. not 8 legendaries and one mythic (please remove mythic items. just add a special slot for them if you insist, like TRINKET,HEIRLOOM,TREASURE,TALISMAN etc. and remove the mythic tier). Some (niche or not) affixes could be only available on certain tiers like rares or magics or legendaries or even…whites! (hope you got some good crafting ideas from whites and base types)


First of all the tree looks awesome. The art team proves again and again that they know what to do.

  1. Bring back the Points in skill assignment (skill-levels). Be it a maximum of 6 10 20 per skill, doesn t matter. Every arpg on this earth has skill-levels which increase the skill power and maybe add certain effects at certain amounts of points put in.

  2. Skill tree reset. This should be possible, but not that easy/quick to obtain. There should be like 1-2-3 free ones after certain story points/levels. After that it should be harder but not impossible to reset the skill tree. If you don t do this, the choices won t matter that much since no choice has weight.

  3. Passives. While the idea is nice, there are not enough passives per class. Double/Triple the current amount and it should be enough. Also add skill levels to all of them. Same amount or half of skill-levels as active skills on the upper part of the tree. Same or less skill levels for the circles you got on the tree. maybe 3 skill point levels maximum per circle.

  4. You guys are aiming to get 30-40% of the possible points. Great, helps with build diversity and seasons. Please don t add the option to acquire all of them through god knows what means. 30-40% is enough for one character. farm a hard-to-obtain skill tree reset or make other characters if you want the others.

  5. Please make more options for each skill (square, circle and passive). We had 6 options per skill in d3. Please add more than that + small modifiers and passives. Add more build choices per main skill. Add more main skills per class. The tree design goes in the right direction but due to the lack of options it currently feels like d3 skills/skill runes in another form. with less choices, given that there were 6 runes per skill in d3. please make this far better than d3. Please do not repeat the d3 issue where 4/6 active skills were some buffs you would press every 5 minutes.

  • Enchantment System

Great, I like what I see. a special system for every class, makes classes more different and interesting to play. great one here. imagine this + a doubled/tripled current skill tree. many many choices and build varieties which will drastically increase the game longevity.

I WOULD ADD ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM TO ALL CLASSES AND GET SOMETHING NEW FOR SORCERESS. it adds so much variety, all classes should benefit from this honestly. really cool.

"This system is intended to provide more depth and replayability than what Paragon currently offers in Diablo III."

–> Paragon doesn t add neither replayability nor depth. Please forget this even existed. Though remember it at the same time as the culmination of failure in arpg system design.

"We believe that the end game progression system is where the difficult to master component will come in, and should meet the expectations of the most hardcore Diablo players out there."

–> Sounds very promising if you deliver.

  • Keep in mind that you should make the game base systems as stacked up as possible now, to just add on top of them in expansions/over time. don't make them so simple now that you will need to change them entirely. Add the character customisation fully now. many skills, circles and passives. stat points. whatever sticks to the character and not the items. You can easily modify and add items later. The base systems need to be as complex as possible from the start to add on top of them not completely remake them like in wow.

  • This is the first Quarterly Update that actually says something and listens to player feedback which is encouraging. The previous ones were…empty paragraphs. A lot of text which said nothing or very obvious stuff. Sounds very promising it does feel like the devs are actually reading all the feedbacks from players and also take them into account. The direction is good. It needs more complexity though. More Active Skills. More Squares. More Passives. Skill levels in all of them. Stat points as thresholds for bonuses (turn the angelic power stuff into something like this tied to character, not items). limited hard-to-obtain skill tree resets. the current tree you have shown should be twice/thrice as big per class. add more choices per skill. add more passives. don t give us the illusion of choice from d3 with skill runes or even less.enchantment system for all classes, something new for sorceress.

keep up the "getting really better" work!

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