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Fellow Doctors: Let’s talk about chickens.

diablo3 - Fellow Doctors: Let's talk about chickens.

Fairly new here. I've been enjoying clearing lower content in an angry chicken build and wanted ideas on things to try out to make it stronger, ideally so I can clear t16 content with it.

angry chicken witch doctor guide - Fellow Doctors: Let's talk about chickens.

the maxroll.gg Season 22 build has a few variants.

I don't like the first build as I feel it just tries to cram in the usual playstyle of getting soul harvest stacks and piranhado'ing things, and then suggests juggling that with chicken life. That sounds very slow and cumbersome, and not at all like the swift and graceful way of death that Manajuma envisioned.

The second build (yup, the meme one) seems much stronger, to me! It commits more fully to the chicken life: if you are not a chicken it's because you exploded and you're about to become a chicken again. The Arachyr set synergises nicely, not only providing a boost to locust swarm damage, but also boosting your resilience while in chicken mode (and adding a friendly Toad to the chaos for more animal kingdom fun!)

If you've never messed with it, or seen it in action, it's really something to behold when it "clicks" (or is it "clucks"?) on a densely packed map. In those runs you will proc a locust swarm, and then "chase" it as it spreads across the map as fast as you can run. There's no aiming required, no spell casting required (save for re-entering chicken form), just follow the instructive tooltips above all your now-replaced skills and "Run, chicken, run!". Chasing the plague is quite fun. Watching everything die as quickly as you can load it onto the screen is quite satisfying! I'm hoping it's possible to achieve this at t16.


Right now I think it tops out at maybe t12 or 13, but I'm wondering if I bother to augment and really refine this build if it can clear T16s just as fast?


Since I can't use any other skills while a chicken, I'm thinking it pretty much has to be the only ones that have some kind of passive use. Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan seem obvious picks, but I wonder if they get enough time to fight when I'm constantly running around? Dogs are useful perhaps regardless, since they can provide a (paltry) 10% damage reduction? Really not sure on skills. Wormwood procs locust swarm without requiring a cast – are there other things like this I've missed?


Wondering if it would work well to level gems that do automatic damage somehow like Mirinae's Teardrop, and Wreath of Lightning? Will Wreath even proc though? (I will test it, I suspect not). The maxroll idea of a Molten Wildebeest+Squirt's Necklace seems interesting too, but potentially dangerous for HC?


Ring of Emptiness increases chicken damage against plagued enemies (more useful in higher torment settings). Currently using Traveller's set for amulet/other ring, since it provides good damage reduction. Nem bracers for added speed (what else instead?). Hwoj's Warp to make locust swarm also slow enemies (which I'm hoping synergises well with bane of the trapped that increases damage against slowed enemies?)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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