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Finally reached my season goal!

diablo10 - Finally reached my season goal!


I play 90% solo. I usually only play in groups when I am helping gearboost people and prefer not to play with people more powerful than me. At some point during the season, close to the end, I realised that I had pushed up to 106 on my wizard (using the not as powerful Tal rasha set) and the highest 3 and 4 player Greater rift I had done was only GR70 from helping out others.

So I decided to see how high I could go without any help from xp grinding rathma runs or high 4 player runs for much higher gem levels.

I reached my goal at paragon 1401. My gem levels were 109. I finally did solo GR110 in a season, got Rank 95 as well which was a surprise. I live in South Africa so the lowest latency I get is 165MS which is a rare sight in itself.


I only had one good map in my 110, finishing desperately on map 4 after getting 3 cave maps after one open map. The boss was Vessilius which is not my favourite at all, got it down in 14:30 and the song I pushed to was 'I follow rivers – Lykke Li'

I might try a bit of 111 but I don't reckon I have a chance unless i get a perfect rift which would take ages to fish (fishing really sucks) I calculated that I would need at least paragon 1500 to get the GR down with my gear so I reckon I got lucky.

All in all I had a lovely season, pushed with a single character on a single set (that is getting a buff from 750% to 2000% to completely invalidate my struggle but anyway that's life) I hope the rest of you had a great season even though we have had some low times in the Diablo world. I look forward to hearing about your stories as well.

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