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Finding the Cosmic Wings

diablo11 - Finding the Cosmic Wings

I know there has been a lot of posts and guides on this topic already, but just wanted to share my experience in my journey in finding the Cosmic Wings. Which I finally got after 4-5 years of on and off searching.

I started looking for them since they were introduced, usually late season and off-season. I must have found over 300+ rainbows until season 11, then I took a break from the game for 2 years. I got back to the game and to farming in late season 20 and begun counting rainbow gobs. I found the wings on my 141st rainbow since season 20 (140+ hours in 6 weeks), in torment 1, cathedral 3.

I did not figure everything out by myself, I learned from the content makers, streamers, the communities and the other players who have shared their experience. They helped me a lot. And so here I am sharing my own with what I learned from them, paying it forward hoping to help someone.

Here's what I was doing and my routes in my "Cosmic Journey"


I use two: monk and chicken doc, links to the build included

Dash Monk

For serious farming, you have to go Monk, nothing else comes close. I finish my solo route anywhere from 6-8 mins. (mainly depends on pandemonium fortress if i find the gobs quickly or not).

– look at the quickmap and not the screen, you will get used to it and you hand will move where you anticipate to go in the quickmap
– crank up your mouse sensitivity/dpi as high as you can, it works for me to dash and turn corners faster. you can bind force move to space and hold it with your thumb as well.
– do not hold down dash in caves, you'll get stuck in corners, just spam it as you position your pointer
– if the latency is high, there seems to be animation cancelling on dash if you hold it down. You will not dash as far as you normally would. better to spam dash in such cases than hold it down. (This is the case for me as I am playing on 180-220ms, the threshold to keep that latency bar in the HUD barely green)

Chicken Doc

I use Chicken Doc sometimes because it's more chill. Monk requires more concentration at least for me. Nothing much to say here, it's a build I use if i don't feel like using monk in solo runs. Maybe a quicktip is horrify and proc rechel's ring before turning to chicken.


My Main routes:

Cathedral 1 > Leoric Passage > Cathedral 2 > Cathedral 3 > Royal Crypts > Southern Highlands > Cave of the Moon Clan 1/2 > Northern Highlands
*go around southern highlands and not just direct to Cave

Ancient Waterways East and West > Sewers of Caldeum

Fields of Slaugther > Caverns of the Frost
* go around Fields, and not just the caverns

ACT4 – skipped normally

Pandemonium 1 and 2
* 0 or 2 gobs always (if you find one there is another)

My Optional Routes
– i search on these maps to mix things up


Weeping Hollow, Festering Woods, Halls of Agony 2
Ruined Cistern
Tower of the Dammed1/2, Heart of the Dammed, Tower of the Cursed, Core of Arreat
Gardens of Hope Tier 1


Join the communities. The Rainbow Goblin Hunt community is the best public community in my opinion due to quality of player comments, no trolls, and everyone I met are kind players.

Find / Join a group for hunting, even having someone who has no speed build is still better than solo. Don't just simply turn them away, help them, give them tips for builds, assign the shorter maps. Sooner or later they'll be a running buddy for you and you will be more efficient. I prefer same game hunts in groups rather than individual games (Notwithstanding I found mine soloing). You don't have to wait for them to join your game or worry about killing the gob before they join. You can have games as fast as 2-3 mins with a good group)

Watch/Read guides, there are a lot on youtube and here in reddit

You don't have to search every corner of the map, you can hear goblins anyway. don't worry risking missing a few, it's better to be efficient. For example in Cathedral I don't search it, I just go through finding the path to the next level, goblins will be along the way. If i find the door very quickly exposing 1/5 of the map only, i go ahead and not backtrack. Same with waterways. The only maps i search more thoroughly than others are pandemonium 1 and 2

Difficulty Level doesn't matter and Lillian Spawns (and other unique) with Oliver or Sparkle. And Lillian is not at the edge of maps like Oliver and Sparkle so careful about the quick dashes, look at the chat to notify if you engage a unique.

Don't give up, but take breaks. There will be times when you feel burned out, and you feel bad because:

  • someone found it on the first few rainbow goblins in very new accounts,
  • or your running mates found it on the one time you where unable to join them,
  • or a day where you didn't find any rainbow after farming 8+ hours (I had a few of these but i can still say my average would be 1 rainbow/hour). There will be times when RNG is on your side

In such cases, mix things up. That's why I have another build and optional maps.

If that doesn't work, just stop, as in stop farming, play GR or seasons if it's up, play another game even. Or stop playing altogether. If the burnout is weighing down on you or you are feeling miserable, just stop for a while. The game and the hunt should be fun no matter how tedious it is, keep your eye on the prize though, then go back to it when you feel like it, and I promise you… you will find it…eventually.

Sorry for the long post, i have no potato.

Thank you to the Rainbow Goblin Hunt community members and especially those that I have ran with. Too many of you to mention, but shoutouts to jhmcc, MrGentleman, PoopFinger, SendNoodles, and TGR

Special thanks to Crucifer, JumpyWizard and MadDingo — you guys know why but it's off topic XD

– pangsdu

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