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Firebird Testing Mega thread

diablo9 - Firebird Testing Mega thread

Mirror Image castable:

Magic Missile – Fast – Mirrorball not working

Shock Pulse – Awkward "need to be on top of them"

Spectral Blade – fast – Awkward

Arcane orb – Fast – Unstable Scepter not working

Disintegrate – Constant – Entropy

Frost Nova – Medium – Awkward

Slow Time – Medium – Point of no Return "interesting"

Wave of Force – Slow – Awkward

Energy Twister – Medium – Awkward

Hydra – 3 Max with serpent's sparker – Doesn't apply F6

Meteor – Medium

Blizzard – Fast

Blackhole – Slow

Mirror Image Un-castable:


Ray of Frost

Arcane Torrent

Disintegrate "Only entropy is cast-able if you are already channeling it before spawning images"

Firebird 6 piece procs:

Magic Missile – Conflagrate – Mirrorball "Highest Attack Speed"

Shock Pulse – Firebolts "Simply slower and more restrictive than other primaries"

Spectral Blade – Flame Blades "Second Highest Attack Speed"

Electrocute – Forked Lightning – Myken / Velvet "Not worth over missile or blade"

Arcane Orb – Scorch – Unstable Scepter "Seems to hit twice with unstable but worse than other options"

Wave of Force – Heat Wave "Quick to cast and spammable, but interrupts channel and is slow considering"

Energy Twister – Gale Force "Damage seems to hit multiple times and spammable"

Hydra – No Rune – Blazing Hydra – Mammoth "Burning effects don't seem to trigger"

Meteor – No Rune – Meteor Shower – Molten Impact "High spam appears to only proc once"

Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction – Wand of WOH "Doesn't interrupt channel while blinking"

Black Hole – Blazar "Large cooldown seems to proc on hit and collapse"

Archon – Combustion "Disintegration Wave does not build stacks"

Magic Weapon – Ignite "Deflection is too overvalued for an extra proc per hit"

Firebird 6 piece no procs:

Arcane Torrent – Flame Ward "Only non-channeled works"

Blizzard – Apocalypse "Would be game breaking and doesn't seem to proc"


While Mirror Image does apply the 6 piece it is clunky and too slow compared to hard casting. In my opinion it "sadly" isn't worth taking. I have bolded notable skills above for those who are testing new builds. And adding in results from LexyuTV's testing.

Bonuses that affect F6:


Andariel's Visage: 20% Fire Damage

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 20% Fire Damage

Bracers: 20% Fire Damage

Cindercoat: 20% Fire Damage

Convention of Elements: 200% Fire Damage

Deathwish: 325% Damage

Firebird's Eye: 20% Fire Damage

Magefist: 20% Fire Damage

Orb of Infinite Depth: 40% Damage

Stone of Jordan: 20% Fire Damage + 30% Elite Damage

Swampland Waders: 20% Fire Damage

Squirt's Necklace: 100% + 20% Fire Damage


Aughild's Authority: 30% Damage + 30% Damage to Elites

Bastions of Will: 225% Damage

Captain Crimson's Trimmings: Percent damage equal to Cooldown Reduction

Endless Walk: 100% Damage "While standing still"


Spectral Blade – Flame Blades: 1-30% Damage "One stack per attack"

Frost Nova – Bone Chill: 33% Damage "While frozen or chilled"

Slow Time – Time Warp: 15% Damage "While inside Slow Time"

Energy Twister – Gale Force: 15% Damage "For 4 seconds per application"

Magic Weapon + Force Weapon: 10-20% Damage "10% base"

Familiar – Sparkflint: 10% Damage

Energy Armor – Pinpoint Barrier: 5% Critical Hit Chance

Archon + The Swami: 6-∞% Damage "For 20 seconds upon leaving archon"

Black Hole – Spellsteal: 3-∞% Damage "3% for each enemy hit for 5 seconds"


Power Hungry: 30% Damage outside 30 yards

Glass Cannon: 15% Damage

Conflagration: 6% Critical Hit Chance

Unwavering Will: 10% Damage "Standing still for 1.5 seconds"

Audacity: 30% Damage within 15 yards

Elemental Exposure: 5-20%(40%) Damage (Primordial Soul)

Legendary Gems:

Bane of the Powerful: 20% Damage + 15% Elite Damage

Bane of the Trapped: Scaling % Damage

Bane of the Stricken: Scaling % Damage

Gem of Efficacious Toxin: 10% Damage

Gogok of Swiftness: 15% Cooldown Reduction "Captain Crimson's Damage"

Taeguk: Scaling % Damage

Zei's Stone of Vengence: Scaling % Damage


I will review comments and add to this list.

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