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First PTR Impressions: Big Oof

diablo10 - First PTR Impressions: Big Oof

Hey everyone,

I just finished my first PTR session earlier, mainly trying out the two new sets and the season theme. Here are some mechanics & feedback. I'll be streaming more later today, so you can just come and ask stuff or comment here and I'll do my best to cover it all. I've also been working on some videos already if you want to check what all of this looks like.


– DH buggy and weak, Necro fun but also weak, Season theme boring as hell


Demon Hunter (video)

– Set is super buggy in many ways to the point of being mostly untestable

– Momentum stacks up 2sec per cast, up to 10sec (so you do 5-6 casts at the start and then one per 2sec), you get the bonus depending on leftover duration

– Momentum duration is displayed as a little number on your generator, not as a buff (which makes it quite hard to track)

– Momentum doesn't always apply when you hit with a generator while you are strafing (for manual casts from weaving), only when you hit at the right frames

– Tons of movespeed from fully stacked Momentum (160%)

– Momentum stacks drop entirely when you change generators (Odyssey setups)

– 4pc bonus is shooting normal Strafe projectiles and generators on top

– 4pc bonus is missing some generator casts (some are simply missing, the numbers don't match)

– 4pc Hungering Arrow doesn't pierce

– 4pc Grenades don't aim towards enemies

– 4pc attacks have no area damage or proc coefficient

– 4pc procs no healing from Simplicity's Strength

– Strafe damage rolls & items (Valla's Bequest) don't buff 4pc projectiles

– In solo pushing it's extremely hard to survive (especially since you play around Pain Enhancer)

– Very weak set even when the bugs are fixed


– Overall design & theme of the set are amazing, but everything is broken unforatunely

– Momentum stacks duration should be increased (maybe 4sec per cast / 20sec max) to give it a little buff and make the playstyle less clunky (a lot of people would like to see Strafe proc Momentum but I disagree, it would be too one-sided, so this is perhaps a good compromise here)

– Momentum stacks need to proc consistently while generator-weaving

– Momentum stacks should proc even when nothing is getting hit (this is a problem especially in group T16 when monsters around you are dead and you can't catch up)

– Momentum stacks should stay when weaving in Entangling Shot

– Broken 4pc needs to be fixed ASAP to really try most of the different setups

– Damage & toughness overall both need to be massively increased to bring it into competitive territory


Necro (video)

– Tanky set that allows for a little customization


– Simulacrums shoot where you point from wherever they are standing

– Grim Scythe casts by Simulacrums give you resource

– No area damage from your Simulacrums

– Simulacrums like to run off and shoots from weird angles sometimes

– Simulacrums die even when Final Service is specced, proccing both at the same time

– Bone Spear – Teeth for T16 and Bone Spear – Shatter for pushing is probably the way to go

– T16 setup is very good

– Solo pushing is way behind other setups


– Set is fun to play for both speedfarming and solo pushing

– Final Service should proc before your Simulacrums die, not at the same time

– Simulacrum death needs a better indicator (perhaps visual effect on your character) to make it clear you are suddenly in big danger

– Simulacrums should stay closer to you because it's very hard to position them correctly sometimes (getting blocked by monsters etc), so your damage output feels like RNG because of their positioning

– Overall I feel the set is a good addition to Necro, it's just way too weak

– Damage probably needs to be buffed by 10+ tiers to make it competitive


Season Theme (video)

– Procs every 2min of real time

– A few (~5) seconds before the proc, there is an audio and visual indicator of the proc

– Timer is paused when game is paused

– Timer continues in town or when dead

– If you are in town or dead during the proc, it will be skipped

– If you revive at corpse with time penalty, the timer will not be advanced like your cooldowns (you lose out on season theme procs)

– It's full RNG which proc you get

– It seems to scale with difficulty only

– Some procs are very strong (snowball, meteor) but don't hit very reliably

– The rest are very meh

– Damage overall less impactful than season 19 theme, but it will be important for pushing regardless


– We need a better way of tracking the timer, else we have to put a stopwatch on our second monitor to know when it's coming

– Compared to the s19 theme this one feels very underwhelming

– Inconsticencies with losing procs (death timer etc) need to be fixed

– There should be some way to control what and when it's happening, perhaps through an ability (make it a 2min cooldown) or an effect that spawns and allows us to activate the effect at will (like a trigger to walk into)

– The effects are completely useless in any speedfarming scenario because of their weakness, inconsistency and the fact that you will only see ~1 per run, that seems really boring and they won't be noticeable for the majority of the playtime

– Oof

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