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First time getting into the series, finished Diablo 1. My thoughts…

diablo3 - First time getting into the series, finished Diablo 1. My thoughts...

I had Diablo 2 for years, but I never could get into it. Years later, after having a sour taste in my mouth from the shithole the Monster Hunter community has turned into, I decided to get into Diablo after looking at the D2 Battlechest I owned. Everyone always says to start with Diablo 2, and that the first one is obsolete, but I honestly hate when people say that about ANY game. I wanted to get INTO the series, so I started with Diablo 1, and I'm playing them in order…


I freaking LOVE this game. Let me go bit by bit on the things I love about Diablo 1.

– The artstyle and aesthetics are cool as hell. I've always been a sucker for 90's CGI and "ancient graphics", and that paired with a dark, brooding atmosphere blends together so perfectly it hurts. I saw that the original concept of the game used stop-motion instead of CGI, and I think I would've liked it just as much, if not even more. The music is also really freaking good; nothing too catchy, but it fits the game extremely well. Even then, I constantly hear the Tristram theme in my head.

– The story and lore is also neat. It's very "OOH-WAH-AH-AH-AH" along with the accompanying aesthetic, but in a good way. I read the Diablo 1 manual, and I freaking love how it has in-lore explanations for how each spell works in the game's world. Most games wouldn't even pay attention to that and just roll with "It's magic, do I really have to explain it?".

-The gameplay loop is one of the most addicting I've played in years. Sure, the combat just consists of clicking on an enemy until it dies, and sometimes moving away from an attack, but it's the gameplay systems around that simple combat that makes it so good. Seeing that rare weapon on the ground, identifying it, and seeing its amazing stats makes me mega-nut every freaking time.


-I love how each character can use each spell and piece of equipment, as long as they have the stats for it. The best shit in the game is only available to certain classes, but that's from a restriction of that character's max stats. Since you could learn every spell in the game, it makes me want to "catch 'em all" and learn every spell I can.

-I was also playing the PS1 version of Diablo 1 on Vita at the same time, playing it whenever I was away from my computer. People say the version's inferior to the PC version, and while it technically is, that doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. Because I played it on a portable system, and because I look at each game in a series as its own thing, I saw the game's inferiority as something that makes it special. In other words, in my mind, I was playing "Diablo Mini" or "Diablo Portable" and not "Diablo 1 but worse".

-I love how the game encourages replayability by only picking a few quests from each small list, as opposed to seeing every quest in the game on one go. I'm not that big into the development history of Diablo 1 (at least, not yet), but it really feels like they tried to make a game you could play for the rest of your life.

This is one of the best games I've played in a while, and I still like playing it even after I beat it once. I started playing Diablo 2, and I can see why people say it's superior to the first game in every way, but that doesn't mean Diablo 1 is obsolete. Of course, if you can only get one or the other, Diablo 2 is the way to go, but Diablo 1 is so easy to get that there's no reason not to play it.

I think I'm gonna fall in love with this series.

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