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Food for thought D4 Devs: All stats should be useful to all classes and be HARD to choose which to improve.

diablo17 - Food for thought D4 Devs: All stats should be useful to all classes and be HARD to choose which to improve.

All role playing games seem to follow a general idea:

Strength; I hit harder Dexterity; I hit more often / become more agile Intelligence; I am smarter Wisdom; I make less mistakes Charisma; I’m better at talking

I think something that could make Diablo 4 an incredible game, would be to lean EXTREMELY heavily into how these are defined and their importance to each character and how judicious you should be when choosing. I don’t want to be a Barbarian that just pumps strength and occasionally something else to recover my rage faster or attack a little quicker. Or be a wizard that improves his magic just by intelligence.

Consider the following:

Strength – it makes your class hit harder. Regardless of which class, it’s vital.

Intelligence – increases how many skills or abilities your character can know and use at once, how many modifications they can have, and their chance at crafting items better.

Dexterity – increases your attack speed, character movement speed, roll/dash recovery time, weapon efficacy / hit chance. (A special note, how characters move at a baseline should feel natural)

Constitution – the heartiness of your character. If I am good at avoiding damage and can stay back. I’ll need less constitution and can focus more on my dexterity and strength.


Wisdom – this is a bit more of a challenge, but consider the following- having a dynamic world gives players choices. Wisdom is based around player experience. We could frame wisdom as, my character levels up or learns quicker now. He is capable of tracking enemy foot prints, or seeing more of the map of the world/remembering more of it, depending on how much time they’ve spent somewhere. How useful are you to other people you play without outside of just dealing damage could be heavily centered around this and the next stay.

Charisma – having a dynamic and changing world is vital to the longevity of your game and the interest of your player base. Giving the option and including dynamic character interactions where someone can learn new information about a certain event occurring this week from a roaming npc they come across, or for receiving inspiration from the higher powers who bless their abilities to grant them something temporarily. make it so you can lower the cost of shop prices, crafting, so that the EASE (and this is the key part) of your playtime is changed.

These all suddenly become vital and difficult to choose between depending on what your goals are as a player. To be really effective choices over taking strength for example, you’d need to be creative and come up with great ideas, but I feel like it’s doable, and personally, more exciting this way.

Otherwise regardless of what you do, people will just pump for damage ratios and armor optimization and it’ll be another hack n slash dungeon crawler rather then the ARPG you’re striving to be.

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