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Footage from the Diablo 4 gameplay trailer always seemed dull and disappointing to me, so I re-color graded it in 5 minutes.

diablo3 - Footage from the Diablo 4 gameplay trailer always seemed dull and disappointing to me, so I re-color graded it in 5 minutes.

Let me preface that I understand that A.) the look of something is ALWAYS going to be subjective, and that B.) I am not trying to self-promote. Just a huge fan looking for ways to improve a game that I am beyond excited for.

I always felt that the footage from the gameplay left a lot to be desired in terms of color. I am a professional colorist and my eyes are trained to constantly correct and grade images. To me the footage always felt like sLOG footage, or ungraded footage from a camera shot on a flat color profile. This could ENTIRELY be deliberate or could even because the game is not far in development at all. I do also understand I am treading in color space/streaming codec issues that could have very well affected the color here too.

I threw some screen grabs into DaVinci Resolve, tweaked my lift, gamma, gain and contrast, and then applied a Kodak film emulsion look (doing most of the heavy lifting here) and exported some before and afters for y'all to enjoy.

I think you can still have dark, foreboding, and dreary atmosphere while still maintaining a more beautiful, cinematic look. I want dark shadows and grimy color palettes, not lifted, grey muddiness!
















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