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Edit: Title should be game manners, not ethics. It's a more suited word for this post.

I’ve been playing D3 for not too long, probably around 2 years or so but I’ve realised that some players just doesn’t have the right manners when it comes to rifts/GRs/bounties. I’m just listing them out so that maybe new players or some veterans can read through and see that it’s actually not okay to do so. I’m talking about things that shouldn’t be done to make everybody’s gameplay smoother. This is not a rant post, more of an informative post to let people know what to do or what not to do.

Normal rifts

For leechers, we welcome you but please maintain the basic standard and understanding that the run is not about you. The carry is going out of his way (maybe going for extra loots) but still, he doesn’t have to do this for you. So please keep your attitude in check and not complain about “unclean” maps, closing portals too fast etc. Most of these runs are for either DBs or keys so speed is the key here. They don’t have time to let you slowly collect everything and take your own sweet time to salvage items. And if you’re dying in T13s, it’s not the carry’s problem to babysit you to ensure that you live, he is only there to help you gear. Up your toughness, wear aquilas, put all defensive runes, these are just some of the ways you can survive by just moving around.

For people being powerlevelled, DO NOT AFK. I can’t believe this has to be even said? But I’ve powerlevelled people who were just standing there at the first map and after I move to the second map, he/she doesn’t responds. This is just a huge time waster as the 2 other people and the carry included does not wish to waste time like that. Another annoying thing is the people who wants to follow the carry for some reason to pick up items prior to level 70. There’s absolutely no point in that. You’ll get much better items at level 70, including new items. Worst thing to come out of this is the amount of deaths. Being undergeared, you’re pretty much being one shot by everything that moves. So, if you die a lot, you’re losing exp because the carries are still moving and killing while you’re being dead. So please, just stand at the entrance and tele when being called for or just monitor the map and do it automatically once the carry goes into the second map.

Another thing about powerlevel: DO NOT REQUEST FOR POWERLEVEL 24 HOURS INTO THE NEW SEASON. Every season, there would be a huge amount of chat spam asking for PL. It’s not wrong! But it’s just too damn fast. Most of the players would be actually levelling to 70 themselves/in a group or those who can actually PL would be getting better gears and pushing first before doing PL. So just either do it yourself (which is honestly not too bad), go into one of those Levelling for a Cause thing (they’ve been around for so long) or just chill out and wait a little while longer.


Firstly, I would like to address public games. In public games, the game is created SPECIFICALLY to do GRs and nothing else. So do not be a dick and open a nRift after entering the game either because “I don’t have enough keys so let’s do a couple of nRifts first okay?” or “How many runs are we doing? X? I have x-1, let me do this quickly so I have enough keys”. This is an insane waste of time because not only do we have to fucking do the damn rift or we would have to leave the game just so that we can actually do GRs.

Next, leech runs. This is a pretty common thing this deep into a season so issues starts to come up. Leech runs are GR runs whereby the carry would basically carry (LOL) the leechers so that the leechers can get exp and loots without doing anything. Most of these are done because the carries are levelling gems and low level GRs are faster even with 3 leechers. So straight up, this is a huge favour because obviously you can’t do GR80s yourself, if not you’ll not be leeching. I’ve had a range of complains from leechers: 1. Dude you are doing it too fast, can you leave more time for me to salvage/spend shards? 2. I haven’t looted my shards yet! I was spending them! 3. … (Silence because they are salvaging and doing shards and ENCHANTING!?) 4. Why are you going for elites only? It makes it hard for me to walk through. If it’s a leech run, most carries would have one basic condition: Fast open and close of GRs. So that means once the guardian is down, tele to the carry, loot your shit, upgrade your gems and get out. When you’re outside, salvage the yellow/blues and dump everything else into your inventory and sort it out after the carry is done or on a break. However, it doesn’t have to be so fast because usually every 2/3 runs, the carry would need to spend their own shards and this means this particular break would be longer. Take that time to sort out your stuff. Most important thing is to voice out your needs, if you need to spend shards and it hasn’t synced up to the carry’s, just say you need a quick minute, most people would be fine with it. Don’t be quiet and just do your things at your own pace. This would really piss some people off.



Bounties, this is a tricky one. These stuff only really applies when you’re in a public game and there’s no synergy between all 4 players. Best way to get a reliable group is to go into Split Bounties community and ask for a group there. If not, public games are always running and it takes no more than 5 seconds to find a game.

First up, it’s a crime to enter a public bounty game without knowing how to do split bounties. So here’s the gist:If you do it alone, you will have to do all 5 acts and 5 bounties in each act just to get all even materials. However, luckily for us, D3 has a system whereby 4 players can team up and do bounties together in the sense that if player A completes bounty A, player B, C, D all ‘completes’ bounty A. So a quick math here: If all players can do 1 act in 7 minutes (average estimation), that would mean in 7 minutes, 4 acts would be completed instead of 1 if you’re doing it solo. So another 3 minutes or so to do the last act together would mean 10 minutes per 5 act bounty instead of 50 minutes per 5 acts solo. This increases efficiency immensely and it takes the drag out of reforging. When you are in a split bounty game, always press cancel for the boss invitation UNLESS you’re ran out of fresh bounties to do or it’s your own boss, in which you press OK after everybody else has cancelled.

Next up, the biggest dick moves a player can make in a split bounty: Fucking standing there like a goddamn statue, in town to do salvaging or sorting out gears. I mean you’re joining a public game with a common goal, to do the bounties as fast as possible to get more materials. Why would you wanna do anything other than contributing to that!? For salvaging, do it at the end of the previous game so that it does not impact on the current game. For standing there, just jump off a bridge and die.

Following is a few of the lesser known issues but still pretty annoying:
Doing a bounty halfway and decided that it wasn’t fun/too tedious and tele-ed to another bounty. Now why would you do that? You’re gonna waste time for another player to go through the same exact distance as you just to start at the same point. Just suck it up and complete it, most bounties would not take longer than 2 minutes.
Taking reward without checking with team.This might be more of a self-conscious thing because it’s actually more efficient to redeem the reward immediately after finishing your own act because it’s faster to tele from town to another map. So just constantly check if you got at least 5 vertical slots in your bag because if you do not, the cache WILL BE LOST it will not be lost but it will drop beside you wherever you are so keep a look out! Except if you’re in town, then it’ll be dropped near you.
Not doing enough damage/not enough toughness and asking for help for bosses.If you do this, not only will it take longer because another player has to tele to you/boss to help you and it’ll take the player another block of time to get back to the same map and same position because there’s no way or saving that point by teleing to you/boss. So please just ensure that you can minimally do 5 acts with a 4 man group within 10 minutes. This is probably the baseline for an acceptable bounty time.
Complaining about blue gobs not notified.I get that it’s a rare goblin with tons of drops but THIS IS NOT THE FOCUS HERE. I would say that 30% of the games I’ve been in had a blue gob (very rough estimation) and if everybody were to flock to the gob, kill it, take drops, salvage, it’ll take a buttload more time because then everybody will have to walk back to the same place as the location does not save if you tele straight to a player. Best advice is to just move on and focus on the caches.
Rainbow gob but not notifying.This is just a huge dick move. As we all know, the Rainbow Goblin is rare af and due to the rare drops in Whimsy, it is bloody important to seize every chance we get to get the damn wings/sword/portrait/tons of leggos/gems/gold. So please just notify in the party that there’s a Rainbow and proceed to kill it while the other party members struggle to tele to you amidst the packs of trash surrounding them. It’s okay to kill it and everyone will be able to enter the portal as long as they are in the game.

All these are things that I have actually encountered before and while it seems like a rant post, it more for people to realise what they’re doing is actually not okay and while they might not have been raged at, it’s still not a nice thing to do.

Please feel free to comment any other annoying things you’ve ran into so we can make this a general informative page!

TLDR: Just be respectful of every types of runs out there and the people carrying you. They are doing you a favour. Also, learn the mechanics of the type of run before joining one.

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