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GF and I are D3 noobs who just finished the story and have questions

diablo13 - GF and I are D3 noobs who just finished the story and have questions

My GF (wizard or witch I guess) and I (demon hunter) finished the story mode couch coop (xbox one) last weekend and I have some questions about what to do next. We finished the story on T4 or T5 I believe. I think that was honestly a bit too high turning some enemies/bosses into bullet sponges. It wasn't necessarily hard, but some of the "battles" against bosses or elites were long. We completed the Act 1 bounties on the same difficulty but when it came to Act 2 we actually hit Bilial's enrage (had to search to even know that's what was going on). I've done some searching and feel like maybe there's too much to try and sift through this far since the last major update. I guess I'll just get to my questions.

  • Do bounties reset daily? weekly? We don't play much but so if we need to complete all of them the same day, we may want a lower difficulty but this link shows a significantly higher legendary drop rate at T4 and T5. I feel we completed some bounties one day and next time we logged in all of our bounty activity was gone.
  • Are the bounties even worth it? Should we just hop right into our first Nephalem Rift (haven't even tried one yet)? I'm assuming NRs have their own scaling of difficulty and at a higher difficulty we get the drop that allows us to complete Greater Rifts correct? or do you need a rift key every time you want to do a GR?

I guess we don't know the best way to go about getting the better gear to get even better gear. I have a couple legendary pieces and so does she but we haven't gotten much new stuff in our horadric chests except for the booklets that let us craft things but we don't even have the materials yet.


I have played Destiny 1 and The Division so I understand the grinding aspects of these styles of games. Since we are so far behind with D3 it was a little harder to go through all the information to figure out how to best efficiently and effectively get the gear we need to complete X activity which is where you'll get the drops or materials for the top gear.

I hope that all makes sense and appreciate any help you guys can give.

Edit: Additional question – What are the keywarden machines? and uber organs? If i'm reading correctly, each act has a specific boss that needs to be defeated and they can (not guaranteed) drop an item and once we have 1 of each item (are there 5 now with the 5th act?) we can open a portal to fight two bosses?

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