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GoD with Fortress Ballista should probably use IAS

diablo16 - GoD with Fortress Ballista should probably use IAS

If you need the whole issue with attack speed, frames and such for GoD explained, I've done that previously in this thread. In short: if you're between the APS breakpoints of 1.8751 and 2.1429 as a GoD DH, you'll fire one HA per 14(*) frames while Strafing. If you reach 2.1429, you'll fire one HA per 12(*) frames. Valla makes you fire more HA's depending on monster density, and in a thick crowd you'll get close to the maximum of one HA per 9 frames (and it has no effect vs single targets). If you're wearing Dawn/Cirri + Fortress Ballista instead of Valla, you should consider getting some IAS.

A dual-wielding DH with just the 10% IAS from paragon has 1.6*1.25 = 2 APS. 7% IAS on both weapons gets you to 2.14, and 7% IAS on other gear gets you to 2.112. 9% non-weapon IAS is enough to get us over the breakpoint, so any two non-weapon traits will do. If you're using Fortress Ballista + quiver, with cubed Dawn, it's enough to have one non-weapon IAS trait plus the quiver IAS add up to 24%, or weapon IAS plus quiver IAS add up to 23% (no they don't add, but that's how it works out).

Suppose we pick IAS over crit dmg on both rings; with perfect rolls all around and with the 4% scoundrel crit, this will multiply our DPS by (14/12) * (1+0.58*5.1) / (1+0.58*6.1) = 1.018 outside the scoundrel's Night's Veil, very slightly less if we use Archery (meaning 63% crit), and 1.002 inside it (100% crit).


But we don't have to pick IAS over crit dmg. We can also take it instead of area dmg / cdr / dmg range on rings, or instead of area dmg / cdr / 1000 dex on gloves. Assuming you get enough cdr from shoulders and weapons, you just need to drop 1000 dex and 20% area dmg to get the boost of 16.7% more HA's – plus faster Momentum refresh.

There's just one issue to consider, similar to the issue I discussed in the linked post. The assumption of 14 and 12 frames depends on you and the target being static. You'll have 7 or 6 frames between Strafe projectiles fired, but HA fires when Strafe projectiles hit (with a 9-frame internal cooldown), so if you move away from the target while firing so that your Strafes just happen to hit 9 frames apart, this gets you more HA's, and this will happen more often with 7 FPA than 6. Also, if you move towards the target so that the Strafe projectile you fire 12 frames after the first actually hits 8 frames after, then you'll have a gap of about 14 instead of 12, while with 7 FPA you'd benefit from moving closer and have ~10 instead of 14. If you move forwards even faster though, a distance equivalent to 6 frames, the 12-frame gap will remain 12, while the 14-frame gap will turn into 15.

All this probably works out to the IAS being a bit worse in practice than on paper, but I don't know how much. I think IAS with dual-wield is probably worth it, and IAS with 1h+quiver is definitely worth it.

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