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[Graphic Image] Deeper itemization/customization & fixing the disingenuous “runewords.”

diablo20 - [Graphic Image] Deeper itemization/customization & fixing the disingenuous "runewords."


Let me start by emphasizing I think the D:IV team has done an absolutely marvelous job so far. I was completely blown away by the demo. Lovvvvved it. I played it well over a dozen times and the line was almost always huge. The effects, graphics, and sounds absolutely on point! When I call the demo'd "runewords" disingenuous, I understand that sounds harsh, and it is my opinion, but runewords from DII have a special place in my heart and while what they showed was a really cool mechanic, I feel it has so little resemblance to DII's runewords I really think they should consider renaming this mechanic and using something else for the item other than runes. Almost everyone I met at blizzcon who got excited when they announced runewords or heard they were back was confused/disappointed when they actually saw what it was. They liked the new mechanic but felt deceived or tricked calling it runewords.

With that being said even though I am not a top community member or big time Diablo streamer I thought it would be fun to give my two cents on a few concepts I think could fit well into Diablo 4. Check out the image posted and let me know what you think! Keep in mind the graphic is intended to be a concept only. I only used the images and items I had available that best demonstrated the concept but of course the actual development would be according to Blizzard's good taste.


For those that may not understand my poor paint editing skills I will try and explain the idea here in text format. My idea is intended to simply act as a secondary method for obtaining legendary items while giving more depth and customization. NOT replace anything.

  1. Allow white items to have a random number of sockets, higher monster lvl slain higher chance for max sockets. Sockets will be DIRECTLY related to affixes, meaning when a white item drops if that base can have a total of 4 affixes it can have up to 4 sockets.
  2. Create lots of fun Tiered Affix pools. We can already find a list of current D4 affixes. The more pools the funner.
  3. Create runes that represent each affix pool. When you insert a rune into an open socket it will add that affix (prefix/suffix) and upgrade the items rarity, white > Magic > Rare. The range that gets rolled depends on the item's level & base type, for example, if the base white item dropped from a boss or high lvl monster the ranges will be higher. This fits into their scaling difficulty philosophy.
  4. Special runes will allow the formation of runewords that will upgrade a white base item directly to a specific legendary item. This helps solo players target specific items while also keeping all loot engaging and useful.
  5. Legendary item powers can be extracted onto powerful scrolls and applied to rare items. This will allow us to find a max socket white base item, craft it up with the precise affixes we want and add the legendary power to it, essentially creating our own custom legendary.
  6. keep their current "runeword" system but perhaps rename it and give it new items. Perhaps the new system can be exclusive to rings/amulets and my idea exclusive to weapons/armor.

BONUS: Perhaps a simple idea to replace paragon will be some new type of exp called "souls" or something that you gain by slaying monsters. You use this to power the cube to craft/extract/reforge etc items.

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