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Greater Rifts – Feast or Famine?

diablo20 - Greater Rifts - Feast or Famine?

Just bought the eternal collection for my xbox and made a necro. Everything was going pretty great and having fun until I hit level ~45 greater rift. From this point forward it feels like I can have a 50/50 shot of either cruising through a level, or being spawn killed at checkpoint or corpse for 20-30 deaths. It is so brutally unfun now I can't believe how quick it changed. Is this just the nature of greater rifts?

My character is a necro w/ pestilence set. I copied the skills and build of the top ranked Necros for GR. Which all have identical builds. It relies on using Land of the Dead, and when the skill is up I kill everything around me. When it's down I have to spent 1-2 minutes hiding from literally any mob because they will repeatedly 1 shot me. And god help me if I wait 2 minutes and activate my abilities and get 1 shot before I can kil anyone. Then it's two more minutes of waiting.


It's probably the biggest drop in 'fun level's I've ever had in a game. Is this just what Greater Rift farming is? Or is it the necro class or just me?

edit: Also I'm at GR 65 now. But it's such a slog to get through. I can be 7-8 minutes ahead of the timer, get 1 shot, then repeatedly 1 shot over and over until I fail the rift. Feels so… wrong.

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