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Grinding D2 vs Grinding D3: What I love about both

diablo2 - Grinding D2 vs Grinding D3: What I love about both

Let me start by saying I don't want this to turn into a D2 vs D3 thread (maybe it's inevitable) but it should be noted that I really love both games and they are vastly different and both undeniably have their strong points.

My experience with D3 end game is mainly grinding HC ladder grift levels of whatever flavor I'm feeling until my main character dies and then I stop. I usually come back to D3 every few seasons to see the changes and get back on the saddle (really excited about the follower patch I've heard good things about).

What I love about D3

  • A competitive PVE ladder
    • D2 just cannot hold a candle to the competitive side of D3. D2's ladder is only based on level and not the actual power of your character, so this really means "who did more xp runs" vs D3 which is "who can play their character the best and who optimized their build the most", and you feel that there is actually a competitive spirit behind getting to that next rank on the grift leaderboard. My highest is 6th on the HC necro ladder before dying a couple seasons ago! 😀
  • Infinitely scaling difficulty
    • A big issue with D2 is once you reach a decent power level with a meta build, you can already beat most of the hardest enemies in the game, unless they're immune to your element in hell which let's be honest, just feels bull shit. Sure maybe you can't solo the ubers or something like that, but there is no D2 parallel to grifts in terms of being able to test your newly found strength and see yourself pushing forward easily. Once you get that big ticket item or complete your set and you hit a massive powerspike, it's very satisfying to be farming the next torment or crush grift levels you previously couldn't. The customizable difficulty in D3 is unparalleled.

I recently got back into D2 following the D2R announcement after not playing for over a decade, and I'm having a ton of fun playing an MF cold sorc and an elemental druid (tried summoning and was painfully reminded why it's terrible :S)


What I love about D2

  • Gear progression
    • The issue with D3 gear progression is it doesn't take a long time to get your full set and then you're really just chasing better versions of the same gear you already had, which granted, isn't a foreign concept to D2, but in D2 it seems like there is always going to be a new piece of gear you could be working towards. You could play D2 for years and still never have an enigma/botd/etc… Now that's not to say I am defending the ridiculously low drop rates of the HRs, but at the same time, there's something satisfying about being able to chase that next piece of gear and it can take you weeks to be able to find that eth armor that finally rolls 4os for your fortitude or find the perfect trade and it gives you a nice power spike. Once fully geared in D3 after a couple weeks of playing I burn out very quickly, which leads me to my next point about D2…
  • Higher varied farming locations
    • Sure the farming may be boring at times, I'm not defending baal runs as the most fun thing in the world, but it's much more fun to farm different locations. If you need normal weapon/armor, you can farm cows. If you are hoping to get lucky with some HRs, you can do some LK runs. General MFing with Meph/Baal/Diablo runs or AT/Pits, low-mid runes you can farm the countess, and for keys for uber tristram you can farm Countess/Summoner/Nilothak. With D2 there are quite a few more avenues of farming for end game whereas D3 is just bounties and rifts/grifts (which feel just about the same to play, only slight differences). Granted bounties are quite varied, but there just isn't as much targeted farming in D3 as there is in D2.

Both games have their quirks and both games have high points in what they did great. Let's hope that D4 can take the best parts of both worlds and make an amazing game. <3

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