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Group Leveling Cheat-Sheet: Cursed Chests with Massacre Bonus

diablo16 - Group Leveling Cheat-Sheet: Cursed Chests with Massacre Bonus

This cheat-sheet is a write-down from sVr's leveling test with Cursed Chests and Torment Snapshotting, with some variations from personal testing. Please keep in mind that this is not a full-fledged guide, but a cheat-sheet; You should watch the video and probably do some runs with your own group and see what does and doesn't work for you. I will also not go into detail about any of the well known stuff that has already been there for a long time (e.g lvl reduction weapon):

  • do the Challenge Rift
  • open Master Difficulty and grab the Follower Weapon
  • 1 Person runs for the Cube (Ruins of Sescheron) while 3 Person craft:
    • one 2H Scythe (to upgrade later)
    • two level 70 2H Maces with %cc (and preferably Life per Hit) on them
    • three 2H Axes (lvl16, lvl29, lvl37)
  • vendor for items and join the Runner when he hits Floor 2, run together to the Cube while killing enemies for the killstreak
  • Upgrade your 2H Scythe and gamble on Kadala based on what Scythe you get (in brackets):
    • Bloodtide Blade
    • Nayr's Black Death (Gloves – Grasp of Essence)
    • Reilena's Shadowhook (Ring – Nailuj's Evol)
    • Maltorious Spike
  • all other Bloodshards:
    • Helmet – Leoric's Crown
    • Ring – Leoric's Signet
  • 3 people clear Kanai's Stomping Grounds while the Person with the worst RNG creates a Lvl1 Barb, opens a T6 game and gambles for:
    • Ring (Band of Might, Leoric's Signet)
    • Helmet – Leoric's Crown
  • after that he looks for a cursed chest event:

Act 1:

  • The Cursed Cellar – Old Ruins
  • The Cursed Court – Cathedral Level 2
  • The Cursed Bellows – Halls of Agony Level 3

Act 2:

  • The Cursed Pit – The Storm Halls
  • The Cursed Spire – The Unknown Depths
  • The Cursed Moors – Shrouded Moors
  • The Cursed Temple – Temple of the First Born

Act 3:

  • The Cursed Garrison – The Battlefields
  • The Cursed Bailey – Elder Sanctum

  • After Kanai's Stomping Grounds, create your own game and vendor for items, join your barb when he finds a cursed chest
  • run together towards the cursed chest and try to get the killstreak as high as possible until the end of the chest
  • After the T6 chest, farm on lower torments (T1-T3 depending on your damage), so everyone creates his own game, vendors items and looks for cursed chest events.
    • The barb can probably go 1-2 Torments above the others since he's at a lower level than the rest.
  • As soon as you can, equip your lvl-reduction 2H Mace (Lvl 40+), go up to T6 and lower it based on your damage as you level.

Personal Notes:

  • If you're not trying to go for really fast rat-runs, you can keep 4 necros and just level that way; you can powerlevel a barb after the necros get some gear
  • The person with the least damage can skill towards zNecro stuff (e.g. decrepify – wither, corpse lance – brittle touch)
  • Communicate and cycle through your frozen lands; 3 (or even 4) necros with a 10s frozen lands means a 30s (40s) timeframe
  • some points here may vary from the video, since i think they are more user-friendly; keep in mind that sVr, Rob, Kikaha and Xabster have been playing together for a long time and know each other very well.



  • Shoutout to sVr and ZeroEmpathy for the stream and the video
  • feel free to give feedback and ideas and i'm going to add them to the list

See you in S20,Hurric4ne

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