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Guide: Fresh Season 22 Start for Softcore Solo DH Leveling 1-70 in 1-2 Hours

diablo2 - Guide: Fresh Season 22 Start for Softcore Solo DH Leveling 1-70 in 1-2 Hours

D3 Solo Softcore DH leveling 1-70 start season guide:

This method can level from 1-70 solo in approximately 1-2 hours with some practice.
14 steps:
1) Create a season DH and a season Witch Doctor (WD) for crafting bow
2) Complete Challenge rift
3) Accept rewards cache on season DH in a Master or Hard Mode game (cache includes: 475 blood shards, 4.6 million gold, 35 death breath, 100 yellow, 300 blue, 300 white, 15 of each bounty mat act 1-5)
4) Take and equip the bow from scoundrel mercenary in town. It is stronger than your starting bow.
5) At level 1 on Master or Hard mode check for boss bounty Magda or Zultan Kuel for a few quick easy yellow drops with life regen to make running to cube trivial
6) Run to cube, craft fan dagger, cube it (50% odds at getting either Lord Greenstone's Fan or Karlei's Point. Here we want Greenstone)
7) On your low level toon (level 1-19) Blood shard for these items in this order of importance: Wraps of Clarity, Leoric's crown, Leoiric ring. If done on low level toon those are the only legendaries that can be generated at kadala so we have best odds.
8) Flip to WD Craft lvl 70 2h bow with Life per hit and secondary chance to crowd control, on WD roll other NON crowd control secondary to reduced level req up to 30. This method eliminates many possible affix and now have the best odds at lvl req.
9) Put bow in bank and flip to DH on Torment 6 or Hard mode depending on what method you will use to reach level 14 in the next few steps.
10) You can craft all the bows at the BS up to your lvl 70 bow's required level (lvl 8,12,18,23,30,34 etc) To be clear, the level 70 item with a reduced required level 30 roll it is now equipable at level 40 so you won't need the other higher tier bows
11) Transmog all the bows so they won't be auto destroyed by accident at salvage. Xbox transmogging yellows wont protect them.
12) Levels 2-14 make a Torment 6 game and run blades in halls 1 or in Hard Mode kill in the open world until level 14 to unlock fan of knives
13) Return to town and shop for 2 rings and 1 amulets at a the vendors in each town with the name "the fence" look for "Wounding" affix 3-6 damage. This is very strong in early levels, also make sure to buy a quiver from vendor too
14) Once you're lvl 14 go to temple of the first born act 2, T6, use slows to make big groups and fan of knives for kills from level 14-70
A common setup for fans in T6 is: skills 1 vault action shot, 2 caltrops hooked, 3, fan pinpoint, 4, prep invigoration, left entangle chain gang (can change to bolas freezing strike if preferred at higher levels), Right click strafe frozen trail
Passives: 1 tactical, 2 blood magic, 3 cull the weak or Numbing traps
Some Tips and Open discussion:
Obviously this can be adjusted to playstyle and the strat changes drastically if you get the impale dagger or are in party or don't like the skills listed above. And many will find Torment 6 very challenging to navigate early on and prefer to just level in Hard mode open world chaining together kill streaks. And the above guide is NOT hardcore friendly as random one shots will happen from time to time.
1. Save any and all legendaries early on rather than dusting them once you out level them. Once you are level 70 and do your 2nd greater rift the Legacy of Dreams (LoD) gem is now guaranteed to drop. At LoD gem level rank 3-9 you can equip those old crappy legendaries and gain HUGE damage bonus to quickly finish your season journey. Also keep an eye out for at least one ring or ammy with an open socket if you find one. Reroll mats and early RNG can be pretty costly early on.
2. More optimal, in temple of the first born you can just run up to the cursed chest do that event and make a new game rather than clearing the zone. I have seen streamers say that they find the small rectangle room and that means there's no cursed chest on the level. That has been tested false. The chest can still spawn a tile set away. But if you are just fishing for only finding the cursed chest right away leaving game when finding the wrong room is net gain faster. Chest doesn't spawn in every game.
3. KILL STREAKS will massively improve your level up time. If you can practice chaining groups together and continuing to attack rather than 1 shotting and moving on, you will shave off much time to the process.
4. How strong is Fan if I get the impale dagger? As with most things in D3, scaling to higher difficulty requires multipliers from items and completed sets. Without the Lord Greenstone Dagger cubed, your fan of knives will be about as effective as injecting bleach for covid.
5. Don't over-use fan. Let the item's power stack up to at least 10 or 15 stacks depending on your currently equipped wep. While using Pinpoint Accuracy rune, it puts the skill on longer cooldown but hits much harder. I suggest going the following: Level 14-22 no rune, lvl 23-40 Pinpoint rune, lvl 40-55 Knives Expert removes cooldown and fast kills are possible due to high wep equipped not needing many stacks to get 1 shot kills, lvl 56-69 back to Pinpoint rune as your wep is no longer massively over powered. Once level 70 I suggest dropping the difficulty down to Torment 1 or even Master mode and changing rune back to Knives Expert to quickly get a 1 or 2 regular rifts done and getting any rank of 2 greater rifts done as fast as possible.
6. Once lvl 70 prioritize ranking up your legacy of dreams gem to rank 6 or even rank 9 to faceroll easy mode the rest of your 4 chapters of season journey. Then BAM you have your 6pc and even with all bad yellows and just your 6 piece you are now flying through torment 10.
7. Don't screw yourself on the challenge rift. Make sure you DO NOT complete the Challenge rift before the start of the season and make sure you create at least 1 seasonal toon before starting the challenge rift or you will not be able to claim the reward cache in the new season. It is okay to practice the challenge rift ahead of the season start, just don't complete it successfully or you are screwed.
8. There are pros and cons to only doing the cursed chest and remaking the game. Often there is a resplendent chest on either zone 1 or 2. So those that clear the room and opt for kill streak draggin will get more chances at yellows and legs. Those that clear the cursed chest and leave game will get arguably more xp but need to be more careful with item management.
9. Why use a WD instead of a DH to craft and enchant reroll the lvl 70 yellow bow? The WD can't craft a bow with certain affix so you are more likely to get the Life on Hit and Crowd Control affixes we are targeting. WIth those 2 affix on the bow and using a WD to reroll the other secondary, we now only have 3 possible affix at the mystic when trying for that reduced level requirement. You will only get a couple shots at it, and this just increases the odds of getting lucky. If you don't get the roll don't panic. You have lvl 1-40 to gather more yellows needed for further attempts.
I welcome feedback and other tips. As with all things in this game, there is always ways to min max effort and style to learn and get more efficient. There is no one right way, but this way happens to be super fun and effective.
Hope this helps and good luck in the season!


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