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Guild Progression and Activities

diablo14 - Guild Progression and Activities

I think Guilds/Communities should have some small way to evolve. Maybe, as your guildmates complete in-game activities such as dungeons, world bosses and so on, they all very slowly contribute to guild XP. And as the guild levels up, it unlocks very small passive bonuses, access to guild features like guild bank, more slots (that can also be bought right away with in-game gold or real money), some cosmetic rewards, maybe a guild hideout at the max level where you have all the crafting stations and essential merchants in one place, and ideally all those stations and merchants would have to be unlocked with gold because that would add a nice gold sink into the top tier parts of the playerbase.

At max level the guild would unlock the ability to spend insane amounts of gold from the guild bank to create guild events. For example, they could create a special 1h gold/magic find bonus for the entire guild (a message of the day would be good to inform everyone about planned events like that).

As much as I hate the fact that multiplayer is forced in D4, and that there is unsoloable content (because all content in previous Diablo games is soloable).. it’s clear blizzard doesn’t care about solo purists like me with D4.. so I might as well just go with it while coming up with ideas, but do know that I personally couldn't care less about anything that's multiplayer or pvp related. And that’s why I think guilds should also be able to do Raids.

Now, as a solo player, I do not want Raids to contain ANY loot that’s specific to a raid because that just means I will never get it and I don’t agree with gating actual functional items behind solo activities or multiplayer activities. People should be able to enjoy their game like they want to and no one should be forced to play singleplayer or multiplayer. All functional loot should be obtainable by every solo player and every group/guild player since it’s a Diablo game, not a full MMO. I’m okay with cosmetics tho, and I do think the overall chance of finding gear should be a lot higher in a Raid. I think raids should be time gated or limited in some other way tho, because we probably don’t want guilds to feel forced to repeat raids over and over again forever and ignore the entire rest of the game because raids are more efficient. Maybe organising/unlocking a raid event would cost a lot of resources, or raids would be limited to being able to do each specific raid only once per week. And ofcourse every Raid should also have a solo mode, like everything else in the game. Playing in a group was always inherently easier and more efficient in all Diablo games, but everything was always soloable, that’s a core element of Diablo that shouldn’t be changed.


For the insanely dedicated guilds, there could be some way to increase the difficulty of those raids to insane levels, to test their limits. For example being able to use a lot of resources (crafting mats, gold and possibly some materials that drop from normal raids) to create a special Dungeon/Raid key that greatly increases the difficulty and rewards. Note that I previously said raids should be limited in some way and I said one way would be to make them time gated, but before you get all angry about time gating (I know how much people dislike it so I'm going to repeat something here), remember that this is just one example. I see a lot of people being in favor of resource limitations rather than cooldowns when it comes to skills, so the raids could require a lot of resources instead of being time gated.

I’m not sure how big the guild system will be in D4, but I think since the game apparently can handle a lot of players on screen at the same time (world bosses), there could be some form of guild vs guild pvp. It definitely wouldn’t be 2 full guilds fighting with each other, but rather designated teams chosen by each guild. Add a guild pvp leaderboard to it and I’m sure a ton of pvp fans will find it exciting. Having a guild pve leaderboards for completing dungeons and that kind of stuff would also be nice.

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