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Hello r/diablo3

I'm just typing this out to vent, and I may or may not delete this later on.

I came back to Diablo 3 about a month ago after not having played since season 3. Back then I played quite a lot, and got super burned out. I came back about a month ago, and just as back then I rolled Hardcore. I like having the life of my character in the balance – it makes my every move and decision count and gives the game a feeling I couldn't feel in Softcore.

Anyway, when I came back I dove right in. I started grinding and finding my way in a game that has changed quite a lot since I last played – not least by the addition of Necromancers. After getting good gear and knocking down GR110 on my Barbarian, I decided to buy the Necromancer pack. Learning to play the class was very enjoyable – trying out builds and spells. I learned quickly that Necromancers have a very small margin of error when it comes to playing them – both to maximize damage and to not die. When I say I learned that, I mean the hard way. Five dead necros, two of them on the same day. All fairly geared. No big deal. It was my own itemization and gameplay decisions and mistakes that led to my deaths. I can handle that.

However, the universe (rather, the game) gave back. On the day I died with two necros, losing both my Inarius CE gear and my full ancient LoD Mage gear, on my third Necromancer for the day, I got some GREAT gear for the LoD Poison Scythe build.

Primal Depth Diggers with perfect stats. Primal Leger's Disdain with perfect stats. Primal Andariel's Visage with perfect stats. Primal Krysbin's Sentence with decent stats.

After getting ancients in all the other slots with decent rolls, and getting my Legacy of Dreams gem to 99 again, I was ready to do some pushing. I haven't quite gotten in the rhythm of using the seasonal power to my advantage, so I started quite low – beginning at 100. I managed to clear it with time to spare, and no cheat death procs (not even close).


Over the last few hours I spent my time clearing up to 107. All completed with plenty of time to spare, and no near death moments.

Into 108 I went.

All goes smooth, it's barely a bump up from the 107. The rift isn't great, but it's workable. I get to about 70% progression and engage another yellow pack.

The game freezes.

I press escape to pause the game, but the game is frozen solid except for the ambient sound, which is still playing.

Some twenty seconds later the game unfreezes to the pause screen. I can see that my cheat death has procced.

The map is Kulle's Archives, and I'm confident I can stun the yellow and the surrounding mobs and Blood Rush up a ledge, where I'll be safe enough to backtrack to where I've previously cleared and can portal out.

I gather my wits, and I unpause.

The game freezes.

I press escape to pause the game, but the game is frozen solid except for the ambient sound, which is still playing.

Some twenty seconds later the game unfreezes to a screen saying:


Now, don't get me wrong. I've died many times, and every time except this one it's been due to my own mistakes. Sure, I've gotten angry when it was my own fault. But in the end, I can take it. If I die due to my own mistakes, I always just feel the need to get back into it and do it better next time.

But this time I just feel cheated and defeated. I didn't make any mistakes (or well, I'm sure I did, but none bad enough to kill my Necromancer). The game just decided that it was time for my Necromancer to die, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It was fun while it lasted, but I think I'm putting down Diablo 3 for good now.

Thanks to all the people who ran bounties and Nephalem rifts with me – special shoutouts to CHIRREBIRRE and Virkanam.

TL;DR: Necro dead to freeze lag, I'm sad.

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