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Hell Unleashed – Oblivion (Update 2019-03-10)

diablo12 - Hell Unleashed - Oblivion (Update 2019-03-10)

hell unleashed oblivion - Hell Unleashed - Oblivion (Update 2019-03-10)


tCRKYWN - Hell Unleashed - Oblivion (Update 2019-03-10)


Info such as cube recipes and runewords can be found in the Webpages subfolder. Patchnotes follow.


-Treasure Goblins can now be found in the game!!! This is not my original work; credit goes to Nizari and Jetaman. However, implementing them properly into HU was a monumental undertaking and took days to setup due to numerous obstacles (sounds, monster density problems, loot tables, oh lord the loot tables…creating treasure classes for all the goblins throughout all the acts in all 3 difficulties, balancing their HP, code edits…DAYS!!!)

Here's a basic rundown on the goblins:
-The goblins function very similarly to Diablo 3. They will often (not always) alert you of their presence with their giggle and then run as soon as you are near. If they are left unharmed for a period of time, they will make a portal and leave. Sometimes they will leave quickly, other times they will be more stubborn and stick around. They are pretty fast, cannot be frozen or stunned, and are quite tanky. If you are in an area that's above your level/gear and they run through a bunch of monsters, there's a good chance you'll die before he does. This makes teamwork and certain abilities (bone wall, decrepify, teleport) along with high mobility, slow target%, and burst dps very useful.
-There are 3 types of goblins; treasure bandit, charm hoarder, and rune hoarder.
-The treasure bandit will drop 6 items just like a boss, usually magics and rares, with a good chance to also drop sets and uniques that are appropriate for the act/difficulty the goblin was found in.
-The charm hoarder will drop 6 charms that can be either small, large, or grand charms. They can also drop any of the unique charms if they are the appropriate level.
-The rune hoarder is the most rare of the goblins for the obvious reason that he will drop 6 runes. Similar to the other two goblins, they have a chance to drop runes that are better than what you'd get from normal monsters in your current location. These are extremely valuable in Hell difficulty for the amount of high runes you can get…if you can find one of them and manage to kill him before he portals out 🙂
-Goblins will not always spawn in every zone, so there's no need to make sure you clear every area.
-A goblin can only spawn on a tile where a monster could have been instead. This means areas that never have monsters (such as the immediate area outside A3 town) will not have a goblin. Most boss zones (like Durance of Blood) and quest zones (like portals to pick up Khalim's parts) will not contain goblins.
-Due to some smaller zones having very high monster density, such as Graveyard and the 2 temples as you enter Travincal past Hatestorm, goblins will not spawn there. This is to prevent mass farming them and turning the game into Goblins Unleashed. Due to monster density issues, goblins will also not spawn in Cow Level. They will also not spawn in Den of Evil as it bugs out the quest completion.


-Lifeleech has been reworked. There is now a 50% reduction in all difficulties. All non-undead/construct bosses have a drain value (leech effectiveness) of 40-50%, so you can reliably guess that the leech on your character will be about 1/4 against bosses and minibosses. Trash that are not undead or constructs have drain values of 30-75%. Leech from items has been reduced by about half. This also applies for manaleech. Lifetap curse leech is now 3% as it can never be reduced.
-Boss PLR is 83%
-Akara and Drognan will now always sell 5 white scepters, wands, staves, necro heads, and pally shields. Gheed and Lysander will always sell 5 white druid and barb helms. Gheed will always sell 5 white katars. This is a QOL feature to greatly alleviate the pain of early game vendor-farming for casters.
-Resist pierce values on items have been reduced by about half
-Crushing Blow values on items have been reduced by about half
-Added/increased next hit delay on some boss skills to prevent 1 shot KOs from multicheese counters in melee range
-Resist penalties for NM and Hell have been increased to -80 and -160.
-All mercenaries and summons come with very high poison absorb to make keeping them alive easier
-Greatly improved all sets, especially class sets, and added golden aura to all class sets
-Adjusted monster levels to be much higher in Nightmare and a little bit higher in Hell. This will make the game harder but you are also expected to have better gear because higher level m level drops = more good stuff. The first 95 areas are still Act 5 Hell. It seemed silly that the Chaos Sactuary of NM was only level 70!?!
-Act 1 Mercs that shoot Multishot + Guided Arrow are now available in Normal
-Changed fire/cold Act 1 Mercs spell from Inner Sight to Slow Missiles, increased the level, and lowered their chance to cast instead of shooting
-Removed Conversion from Act 2 Mercs
-Act 5 Werewolf mercs will hit with Maul, Zeal, or Frostbite
-Act 5 Werebear mercs will hit with Maul, Feral Rage, or Fire Claws
-Added new level 80 prefixes and suffixes to many rares, particularly jewels and quivers to give rare ones a chance to be very good. New mods for weapons/armors that can roll on rares (or crafts) are higher dmg/lvl, resists, HP, mana%, lifesteal, all stats, and DR%. This makes elite crafting very useful and important for the 105 zone and future zones in the game. Please note that rolling level 80 mods on a craft will likely make it require level 90-96.
-Improved base mods that can roll on Barb helms and Pally shields, including skills
-Most elite crafts now have better base mods, especially amethysts and rubies.
-Improved most all level 90+ uniques, some more than others, to make it so there are no more bad ones and they are all powerful
-Changed all Snow Yeti stun to now be a 10% chance to stun for 2 seconds. (it was a 100% chance to stun for 8 seconds, omegalul)
-Act 5 non-shapeshifting Mercs use higher level skills for better damage with Conc/Stun/Bash or Frenzy/Berserk/Stun
-For some reason in 2.0 or 2.1, boss resists were normalized, though magic resist cannot be debuffed and player magic skills had sometimes less than half of the dmg value of ele spells. Rather than buffing magic damage from skills so it just nukes the game, I lowered the magic resist of all bosses and minibosses. No boss has more than 55% magic resist now at any point, so 55 pierce will take any target to 0 or negative.
-Increased gold drops from champions
-Max player phys resist% increased from 50 to 60
-Challenge bosses drop 4 scrolls
-Bosses will now heal out of combat for 100% rather than 10% per tick
-Respec Potions now drop from Countess and Nihlathak in all difficulties. Higher difficulty=higher chance to drop.
-Respec potions have a very low chance to drop off of almost any monster
-Throwing item quantity has been increased to 1023
-Nerfed Fallen Shaman firebolt damage
-Removed firenova from Bloodraven
-Nerfed Griswold's damage with spells
-Nerfed Countess' crazy firewall
-Nerfed Izual's everything
-Nerfed Guardian's fireball
-Nerfed maggot queen's glacial spike
-Soulmancer and Samhain are no longer flagged as Undead, have been improved in strength, and Soulmancer's charms have been improved
-Greatly nerfed gold% bonus from items
-Inner Cloister no longer spawns guaranteed champions
-Added Enchant and high level firewall proc mods for rare weap/circ/glove/amu
-Skilltab GCs can now be found in the game as a prefix for Grand Charms. Only monsters that are level 60+ can drop them but they only require level 20 to wear; this means you can twink out lower level alts with skills to make replayability more lulzy.
-Added Amp and LT proc mods for rare weap/circ/glove/amu/ring
Monster HP Table is set the same for 1-3 players. This means with 3 players you won't have to worry about "single spawning" bosses. Values changed to:
HPTable = 235,235,235,240,245,250,255,260
-Jewels can no longer be gambled, will drop more often
-Bosses and super mobs like berserkers have been increased to make up for this global HP change
-Fixed a ton of bad tooltips
-Removed a lot of useless strings to increase performance by lowering the amount of calculations needed for certain tasks
-You can now turn a craft into ethereal with a Cham rune in cube
-Increased mana per energy point for Sorcs and Necros
-All characters now start with a preset 70 stats and no skill point. This is a workaround for a major issue I had with goblins.
-All Characters now start with a javelin and no gold
-Normal Challenge completion now also adds +1 all skills to your tome
-Reduced movement speed of Ancients and also fixed them so they all deal damage
-After several eons, Starstone/Moonstone Sapphires are finally spelled correctly
-Reduced boss teleport chance to be very low
-Increased EXP penalty for deaths in Hell

HP values are now the following:
Barb: +11 per lvl, +11 per vit
Pal: +9 per lvl, +10 per vit
Ama+Sin: +8 per lvl, +9 per vit
Sor/Dru/Nec: +6 per lvl, +8 per vit

-Increased strength and duration of curses from monsters
-Added curse resist as a suffix for rare jewels, rings, and amulets, and also charms
-All bosses that deal magic damage now have magic pierce at values of 20% normal, 30% NM, 40% Hell. Gear up accordingly :>
-Increased energy modifier for spells on all characters to 0.25%
-Reduced Falling Rocks damage by 25%
-Reduced monster Blizzard damage by 50%
-Reduced monster FOH damage by 50%
-Reduced monster Charge damage by 40%
-Reduced monster Bash damage by 33%
-Reduced monster Whirlwind damage by 25%
-Increased chance to gamble sets and uniques
-Increased damage of all exceptional and elite 2h melee weapons. Note that for 2h swords this only applies to the 2h damage.
-Increased str/dex modifier bonus of spears and amazon spears
-Increased str modifier bonus of 2h axes, 2h maces, polearms, and staves
-Runes with � now add flat damage instead
-Improved stats on Cain quest rings
-Added magic resist to more items
-Improved the Blessed ring/amulet/sword
-Reduced the lvl penalty for upgrading normal items to exceptional from +8 to +4
-Slightly reduced dmg% bonus from crafts
-Added Amp proc to more uniques and RWs
-Removed Elemental Facet from the game since it was just a worse Primordial Facet. Primordial Facets are now ele-only and Mystical Facets are pois+mag only.
-All Facets have 3% pierce but range from 3-5% damage
-Buffed Force Facets
-Lowered Gheed's vendor redux and Anni's res bonus
-Reduced droprate of unique arrows/bolts and a few other things to be less common
-Greatly increased damage of exceptional and elite crossbows and increased their dex modifier
-Added huge mods to unique bolts
-Raised level of some bosses
-Added several new uniques, sets, and RWs to the game
-Some skills have 30 levels. They are marked in their tooltip to help you remember.
-Melee skills that are based on poison have been significantly buffed
There are 4 pages (charms) from the Sin War you can collect. Each charm has its own properties and there's no limit to how many you can carry. These drops are quite rare. You can find their stats in the Webpages.

If you find all 4 pages, you can combine them in the cube to create the Legacy of Blood. This will destroy your 4 charms and give you 1 new one that has an aura. The stats you gain from the aura are:

+2 all skills
+200 defense
+200 AR
+10% HP
+10% MP
40% FCR

There is no limit to the amount of these you can cube or wear, but the item itself has no stats and the aura does not stack, so there's no point in carrying more than 1.

You can now reroll all Bloody pages with a Facet into the next page
Facet + Page 1 -> Page 2
Facet + Page 2 -> Page 3
Facet + Page 3 -> Page 4
Facet + Page 4 -> Page 1
The Plain of Souls in Hell difficulty is a level 105 zone intended for super end-game farming. This is the hardest area ever in HU. If you play hardcore, you should never go here until you're willing to lose your character.

The only tip I can offer you is the monsters all have 100% pierce and can cast 50% LR, so you will need to be 150% overcap on your resists and need very high magic resist. You will also want a group if you want any hope of reliably farming this area, though I suppose it's not completely impossible solo.

This zone is not balanced to be fair and contains exclusive items that can only drop from this area. You can view their stats in the Webpages. The names of these items are:

unique armor:

Horazon's Cloak
Dragon's Breach
Oblivion Touch
Skull of Na'Krul

unique weapons:

Bow of the Dead
Hammer of Jholm
Fallen Soldier's Rage
Hand of Malevolence
Chaos Flight

unique jewelry:

Optic Amulet
Zakarum's Salvation
Mercurial Ring


The Forgotten Horadrim
Angiris Bindings

With these items, you may have a chance of beating Soulmancer in Hell, the true final boss, and claim his soulstone!


-Reduced Guided Arrow damage
-Increased damage for magic/cold/fire arrows and increased the amount of arrows they fire to 3+1 every 2 base levels (13 arrows at 20 hard points)
-Increased radius and velocity of Fend effect
-Increased range of all bow/xbow shots
-Increased Ice Arrow damage
-Reduced the phys damage penalty on all ele bow skills from 1/2 to 2/3
-Increased AR bonuses on Pierce and Critical Strike and added a large damage% bonus to Critical Strike
-Reduced damage of Guided Arrow to -100% +5% per hard point
-Changed Multishot to 3/4 damage
-Added 100+25 AR mod to Multishot
-Increased Strafe damage
-Added 100+25 AR mod to Strafe
-Reduced Jab starting damage
-Changed Slow Missiles debuff formula to be more effective at higher levels; it is now about 3/4 of Lower Resist value
-Increased Slow Missile speed reduction from -15% to -25%
-Buffed Poison and Plague Javelin damage
-Multishot now gains 1 arrow every 2 levels, starts with more, and no longer uses Guided Arrow as a synergy for more arrows
-Buffed Decoy life and duration
-Increased Radius of Explosive and Immolation arrow impacts
-Increased radius of Fend
-Greatly increased impact explosion damage of Immolation Arrow
-Added HP% to Perfection at a rate of 2% per hard point
-Increased Pierce values and it now scales up to 100% at slvl 45
Strategy now gives 1% lifesteal every 4 hard points

-Replaced Inferno with Fire Nova
-Replaced Blaze with Flamewave
-Replaced Static with Thundergeddon
-Increased damage of all spells by 77% and reduced the synergy values by half. This will make going Energy Shield give more value towards increasing spell damage, while leaving the default damage the same.
-Fire/Cold/Lightning Masteries have been changed from %pierce to �mage and can now be learned at level 1. These skills now have 30 levels.
-Slightly increased velocity of charged bolt, frost nova, and nova
-Greatly improved Hydra with better targetting range, missile velocity, and damage
-Changed Enchant to a 10 minute buff, increased the damage at higher levels, and reduced the ranged damage penalty from -66% to -50%
-Frozen/Shiver/Chilling Armors now all add def%. Frozen Armor adds the most. Reduced DR% on Shiver/Chilling Armors to 1% every 5 lvls.
-Reduced Telekinisis damage
-Changed Meteor fire duration to be 10 seconds at all levels (this is basically just a buff for early-game use to help stack fires at lower levels)
-Changed Glacial Spike to have a very small radius but does significantly more damage
-Increased Frozen Orb damage


-Replaced Bone Spear with Bone Orb
-Increased defense of Bone Armor, removed absorb, made it a permanent buff, and added poison and magic mastery to it
-Increased bone skill damage
-Increased AR% of Poison Strike
-Increased velocity of teeth, bone spear, bone spirit, poison nova, and skeletal mage projectiles
-Reduced Lower Resist starting pierce from 25% to 15%
-Reduced Life Tap value to 3%
-Increased Amp starting phys pierce from 10 to 16 to help with PI bosses
All skeletons, golems, DK, and spiritblade now gain 10%+1% resistall per hard point. These pets also have 50% magic resist and higher poison resist.
-Buffed Golem Mastery
-Buffed Skeleton HP, damage, and AR
-Buffed Skeletal Mage HP and damage
-Greatly increased Death Knight health but it now has a 15 second cast delay
-Increased heal per kill from Death Knight aura

-Replaced Sacrifice with Holy Nova
-Replaced Conversion with Vindication
-Replaced Thorns with Purify
-Increased FOH damage
-Increased BH damage
-Lowered Conviction starting pierce values and set it to lower phys resist instead of defense
-Removed synergies from Zeal and increased its damage and also removed the built-in IAS bonus
-Increased Vengeance radius and velocity of the nova
-Increased block bonus from Holy Shield and added a 10%+1% per hard point HP buff to the skill. Also removed Vigor as a synergy to Holy Shield and doubled the bonuses given from Defiance.
-Changed Salvation to start with 2% absorb
-Increased Damage and synergies of Might, Concentration, and Fanaticism
-Increased damage of Concentration (this is also a buff to Blessed Hammer)
-Holy Fire/Shock/Freeze now give 1% pierce and mastery per 2 hard points, visible in character sheet. They also reduce monster resist (similar to Conviction) by 10%+1% per 2 total levels. These effects are the same for on-equip items that have the "2" version of the aura (i.e. Dream runeword with Holy Shock 2). The synergy damage bonus for these skills has also been increased. Removed Resist Aura synergies so the only synergy now is Conviction.

-Weapon Mastery now has 30 levels
-Battle Command now has 20 levels and each hard point adds 1% permanent magic pierce (for the Barb only, and you may need to rejoin game to see the pierce% show up in stat window)
-Buffed Battle Orders group health and mana amount
-Reduced Increased Stamina values to 20%+1% per level and increased the replenish life amount
-Increased AR% of melee skills
-Increased Taunt phys res% and def% debuff starting value to 8
-Increased damage and radius of Stun
Increased Stamina now gives 1% lifesteal every 4 hard points

-Fireclaws and Frostbite now add 1% fire/cold pierce per hard point to their attack. The pierce bonus is only applied while using these attacks. Damage was also increased.
-Increased AR% of Fireclaws and Frostbite
-Reduced Firestorm damage and increased NHD from 5 to 6
-Reduced Armageddon damage
-Increased HP of all summons
-Greatly increased Ravens damage but reduced the max amount of Ravens to 3. This will make them stronger and cause less counters.
-Changed Cyclone Armor to have no absorb, has increased defense bonus, and is now a permanent buff
-Werewolf and Werebear now have 30 levels
-Werewolf form now gives 5% lifesteal +1% every 4 hard points
-Werebear form now gives 1% lifesteal every 4 hard points
-Werebear form now gives 2% life per hard point, removed 30% base bonus
-Lowered NHD on Twister and Tornado from 15 to 12
-Increased Rabies damage and lowered duration to 6s
-Buffed Maul damage
-Buffed Fury damage
-Buffed Rabies damage and made it only useable in Wolf form
-Buffed Lycan HP%+HP%/lvl from 8+1 to 10+2
-Buffed HOW damage and defense bonus and HP per strike
-Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf, and Grizzly now gain 10%+1% resistall per hard point. These pets also have 50% magic resist and higher poison resist.
-Greatly increased Grizzly health but it now has a 15 second cast delay
-Changed Spirit of Barbs name to Spirit of Elements
-Max number of spirit wolves and dire wolves increased from 3 to 4. Lowered recast timer from 4s to 3s

-Greatly increased radius of ice/thunder/fire/phoenix/cobra MA skills and their projectile velocities. Increased fire burn duration, number of ice bolts fired, and the damage of the skills. 3 charge skills have an attack modifier that basically cannot miss unless blocked. These skills are all pretty huge now.
-Weapon Block is now based on hard points only, with a max of 45% at level 20. You need 90% FBR from wb/bos/other items to achieve 2 frame block.
-HUGE buffs to Fade; 10%+1% DR every 2 base levels, increased PLR and curse redux and resist all amounts. Fade now gives 1% lifesteal every 4 hard points
-Increase Blade Sentinel duration from 4s to 5s and greatly reduced the damage
-Claw Mastery now has 30 levels
-Increased AR% from Claw Mastery
-Blade Fury fires 1 more missile
-Slightly increased Trap skill damage (lower player pierce made this needed)
-Blade Shield pulses its damage slightly more often
-Greatly increased damage of Venom
-Buffed all finishers
-Death Sentry can fire 10 times
-Reduced mana cost of traps
-Placing any traps cannot be interrupted
-Added 10%+1% HP buff to Fade per hard point
-Greatly increased Shockweb damage
-Increased Psychic Hammer damage
-Increased Mind Blast damage

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EDITS FROM 2-8-19~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-There's been a complete item level overhaul to better separate treasureclasses so you won't see some items drop a lot while other items seem to never drop. Sets and Uniques have had their levels adjusted to match these changes. Thanks to Silvermane for helping.

-Greatly improved many bad uniques so they should all have some kind of use for someone for at least a little while

-You can now get Artifacts from transmuting set armors and weapons. There are 3 tiers of Artifacts (norm/exceptional/elite). You will receive 1 Artifact for each transmute.
~Cubing 2 Normal Artifacts + Magic Armor/Weapon = set version of that item.
~Cubing 3 Exceptional or Elite Artifacts + Exceptional/Elite Magic Armor/Weapon = set version of that item.
Obviously there must be a set item for the base type you're using, or you'll lose the Artifacts and just get a crappy magic item. You cannot get Artifacts from set rings or amulets and you cannot use Artifacts to create them. Set pieces from the 105 zone cannot be created with Artifacts.

-Sets have all been adjusted. Many sets have had their items changed. Class sets have had their 'missing mods' fixed.

-All levels through NM and Hell have been adjusted to be more linear and logical for drops. Hell monsters/areas that can drop level 95 uniques are:
~Act 5 starting in Crystalline Passage and beyond
~Cow Level
~Plain of Souls and all of its side areas (105)

-Absorb on gear has been removed from the game. You can now get items that increase your max resists from 75 up to 85. There are several ways you can discover to stack max resist but more than 10% will have no effect. This will display in your character stats so you can see your improved resists. Magic Absorb can still be found on magic charms as the only form of absorb.

-All player poison skills have been set to 3 seconds

-Boss PLR has been set to 40%

-Updated a bunch of skill descriptions to be more clear
-Adjusted Wirt's Legacy
-Bloody Pages are now very rare, so completing the Legacy of Blood charm is quite a feat
-Blank unique GC problem should be fixed. Pages can still be rerolled with facets
-Reduced gold drops in normal
-Adjusted some other RWs and items that were a little too good
-Adjusted elite craft mod values; norm/exc unchanged
-Increased lifesteal divisors from 2 to 3 in NM and from 2 to 4 in Hell
-Removed Constricting Ring from the game
-Changed Monster Amp to scale with level
-Gambling chances reduced to 1.5 values
-Increased hit delay on Mephisto's Lightning Fury to make sure you can't be hit by multiple
-Changed all Merc poison absorb to be built in rather than from an aura
-Slightly reduced the amount of junk drops from trash monsters
-Reduced ED% bonuses on all melee skills to 15-20% per level
Countess and Nihlathak have a 45%/80% chance to drop respecs in Hell
-You can now turn elite crafted armor to ethereal with a Cham rune, the same as the elite crafted weapon recipe
-Champion monsters will drop fewer gems
-Increased resist penalties to -85 NM -170 Hell
-There is no longer a limit to the amount of times you can find any unique in the same game
-Skill GCs now require level 60
-Necro and Druid summon skills cannot spawn on skill GCs
-Removed Ancient Facets
-Increased passive life regen for all Mercs
-The following 4 bosses now will do much less spell damage, but are much more beefy, increased in level, and will drop much higher gear than average and give a lot of EXP:
~~King Leoric
~~The Smith
~~Shenk (also has a very good chance to drop facets and unique charms in Hell)
-Adjusted some monster immunities in Hell to be more spread out to all damage types
-Cursed mod for monsters has been removed. Superuniques that spawned as Cursed have had the mod replaced with a different one.
-Removed Lightning Fury counters from Ardual/Meph/Guardian
-Treasure Goblins are slightly less likely to drop the top 4 runes
-Reduced damage of Ancients


-Lowered the starting IAS of Strategy from 10 to 2, increased the FCR%
-Perfection now gives HP bonus of 10% + 1% every 4 total levels, fixed in tooltip
-Guided Arrow now gains bonus damage from total levels rather than hard points only. This means after lvl 20, it will gain bonus damage. Guided arrow also gains damage from Inner Sight as a synergy.


-Rabies now uses 2 synergies to match other poison skills
-Spirit of Elements now gives huge hp regen along with curse resist, magic resist, dr, and mdr, instead of absorbs
-Greatly reduced spirit wolf and dire wolf damage
-Normalized werewolf and werebear damage bonuses
-Removed extra lifesteal from werewolf (now blvl/4 same as werebear), increased AR%
-Werewolf HP bonus is now 10%+blvl/3
-Werebear HP bonus is now 20%+blvl/3
-Reduced Oak Sage life to 100+20 and reduced defense% bonus
-Reduced starting damage of Feral Rage, but increased weapon modifier from 1/2 to 2/3 and increased the AOE


-Blade Sentinel now does Magic damage only, with no weapon modifier, and uses Mind Blast as a synergy. It has a 5 frame hit delay and lasts for 6 seconds and its damage radius has been doubled
-Fade now gives HP bonus of 10% + 1% every 4 total levels, fixed in tooltip
-Death Sentry is now 60-80% damage and deals 100% damage as magic


-Salvation now gives 1% max res + 1% every 10 hard points instead of absorbs
-Sanctuary no longer has undead bypass but deals more bonus damage to demons and undead
-Holy Shield now gives HP bonus of 15% + 1% every 4 total levels, fixed in tooltip
-Slightly reduced radius of Holy Nova
-Resist Fire, Cold, and Lightning now add max resist instead of absorb. They also gain a large damage bonus from soft points in Might, in addition to the healing they gain from Prayer. If you max all 3 of the resist auras, they form Voltron Aura, which makes you permanently immune to all elemental damage. JK about the last part.
-Increased resist bonuses and heal per kill on Purify


-Removed IAS from Fervor; replaced with Str
-Slightly reduced radius of Stun
-Replaced Leap Attack with Ground Slam. This is a very high damaging, large AOE attack with a stun, but it has a long cooldown. This is mostly to add more flavor to combat with spike damage and more to do during fights similar to Druids. This skill is heavily dependent on skill points for damage.
-Changed Battle Orders from 150+15 to 100+20


-Corpse Explosion is now 60-80% damage, deals 100% damage as fire, and has a smaller starting radius.
-Golems are now much more effective at all levels and can be a real build for people who enjoy summoners
-Spirit Blades are now very tanky but they don't deal a lot of damage; kind of the opposite of golems


-Energy Shield formula changed back to 2.1 values

*****Regarding the CE and Death Sentry changes, please note that CE and Death Sentry only deal damage based on the monster's base spawn life of 100% value. Our mod has a 2.35x multiplier and goes up with more players. This means you are doing 60-80% damage of a 235% pool, which comes out to 25-34% true damage, and that's only if the target has zero resist. Mastery and Pierce do not improve damage for either of these skills. The only way to improve the damage is by directly lowering the target's fire/magic resist (i.e. Lower Resist/Inner Sight/Conviction…) This is why the skills have been buffed; they are still not OP, they just aren't garbage anymore. Protip: champion and unique monster corpses still count as the base monster's HP value, not the extra HP it had as a champ/unique, which is why pulling trash monsters to the corpse of an extra strong unique doesn't just instantly kill all of the trash monsters.

***UPDATE FOR RESET 3-6-19***

General Changes:

-There is now a global chat system built into the server! Enter the main chat channel and type //sub chat – then after that you can just type //chat to talk to everyone else who is online. If it somehow stops working for you then you can go back to the channel and type //resub chat
-Malah and Anya now sell more items
-Resist pierce has been reduced on most higher level items
-Reduced the synergy bonus damage of most spells
-You now lose a lot of EXP for dying in all difficulties
-HP tables have been lowererd to the following:
Barb: 9 HP per level, 9 HP per vit
Pal: 8 HP per level, 8 HP per vit
Zon/Sin: 7 HP per level, 7 HP per vit
Sor/Nec/Dru: 6 HP per level, 6 HP per vit
-Call to Arms RW has been removed from the game
-Monsters in 105 zone no longer have a base physical immunity and their DR% has been lowered. 105 monsters that have fire/cold/light/pois/mag immunities are now permanently unbreakable immunities. This is to encourage team play and make physical builds much more viable.
-Most trash monsters in all of Hell difficulty have had their DR% greatly reduced
-Chipped/normal/flawess Rubies now give 1%/2%/2% HP bonus. Perf/Star/Moon/Uber Rubies still give 3%
-Base damage has been reduced on all throwing weapons

Class Changes:


-Fixed Bone Orb to always display correct damage numbers
-Fixed Teeth having self-synergy instead of using Bone Orb (along with Bone Spirit)
-Reduced HP and damage of Spirit Blades, increased delay to 5s
-Reduced HP and damage of all golems and Golem Mastery
-Reduced Lower Resist debuff values to -6% + 1/5 lvls


-Reduced Holy Fire/Shock/Freeze resist debuff and pierce values to 5+1 (this also applies to the Holy Fire 2/Shock 2/Freeze 2 equip auras)
-Reduced Conviction resist debuff to -6% + 1/5 lvls
-Reduced damage and AR bonuses of Vindication
-Holy Shield HP bonus is now 9% + 1% per hard point


-Reduced Slow Missile debuff values to -3% + 1/5 lvls
-All non-phys bow skills no longer have a 2/3 damage mod; also reduced their synergy bonuses
-Increased Exploding Arrow damage
-Reduced Immolation Arrow burn damage
-Increased Guided Arrow synergy damage from 5% to 6%
-Perfection HP bonus is now 4% + 1% per hard point


-Reduced Cloak of Shadows debuff values to -3% + 1/5 lvls. This skill now also reduces magic resist. Also updated the tooltip to make more sense.
-HP bonus has been moved from Fade to Claw Mastery and changed to 4% + 1% per hard point


-Increased Stamina is now 5% + 1% per total level
-Battle Orders is now +60 / +15 per lvl
-Double Swing now deals 100% damage as magic


-Werewolf HP bonus is now 5% + 1/3 hard points
-Werebear HP bonus is now 10% + 1/3 hard points
-Oak Sage is now +60 / +15 per lvl

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