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Hit a wall, what do I do next? (Or how to find a group.)

diablo15 - Hit a wall, what do I do next? (Or how to find a group.)

I'm looking for some advice, so I'll appreciate if you keep reading, even if it gets a bit ranty.

I've been playing the game on and off casually since its

release. I never quite knew what I was doing, never even got onto the leaderboards, and my off-season character is like one of those that makes people cry when they see it in a challenge rift. Yet, I didn't mind, I was always happy making my solo progress.

That changed the last two seasons (I didn't do seasons before that). First, I played a bit more and followed some season walkthroughs, so when seasons ended, my seasonal character was higher level than my NS one. Then S16 I actually started right at the start of it and throughout the season I read a whole bunch of guides and writeups on builds and mechanics and so on. I even entered and climbed the leaderboards and am sitting somewhere in the upper half (which may put a condescending smile on a lot of faces, but I'm really happy about it, especially getting there solo).

I can finish GR115, and if I fish for a good rift, before end of season I'm sure I can do 116 too. My gear is almost maxed, but I have few more builds to try on my Wizard (which I haven't played before), a whole bunch of augments to do on the farming setups, and a silly number of bounties to run to try for that perfect jewelry piece. All in all there's still a bunch of things I can do this season, but as far as pushing GRs goes I've hit a wall, and I don't see that number growing much (not even post season, given that I've once again surpassed my NS character level with the seasonal one).

I have realized that, besides improving my crappy skills, I need a group. I've joined a lot of public games but, believe it or not, with my lack of skills and knowledge and adherence to meta, more times than not I end up being the one pulling the group and earn considerably less XP than I do solo. Occasionally I encounter people who know what they are doing and I feel awkward slowing them down, but that both doesn't happen often, and usually doesn't last, and then it's back to pulling others. I suspect part of this could be my level, since at this time in the season, all the capable players may be way higher level, and so I get grouped with the slower lot.


I received an advice to join communities. So I joined a clan, and some ingame communities, and I have looked for groups. Then looked, and looked again, but noone ever replies, and noone was ever on in my clan (I left it since). The communities' chats get filled with requests for meta builds running 130+ GR speeds. That's just depressing. I couldn't possibly fathom finishing a 130, less then speeding it. I didn't bother building a meta wizard because a) I would have no way of learning it, b) noone would take me in their 130+ run anyway. Besides, the vast majority of requests are for monks and barbs, possibly necras.

It's possible that some of this relates to the fact that I play in EU region but from the US, so at "unusual times". I started in EU, and moved since, but always felt too bad about losing my progress if I started my character in a new region. Looking back, considering my current seasonal is higher level than my NS, that was a silly thing to worry about. (Is there an American based EU playing clan perhaps?)

This season is nearly over, I'll just finish my sad disturbingly inefficient solo plays. But what do I do next? I used to be happy about my progression; sweet ignorance. Now that I tried to play a bit more and to be more efficient, I'm actually unhappy. I see the wall in front of me (although I may not even hit it if the next season is shorter; then again I may not be playing season), and I see every solo rift as a waste of time if I want to climb it.

Maybe I'll just do NS when this one ends, or put Diablo down for a bit. But if I tried season again, what would you recommend trying? Do I need to play monk to find a group? I'm sure I can find the descriptions for its meta builds somewhere, but how would I learn to play it? And considering that everyone will ber overleveled (from my perspective) again quickly, how do I find a group that I can catch up with? It just feels like there are two separate worlds in Diablo, and one of them has become exclusive, given the age of the game and experience of players.

Sorry, that was a tad long one, but I'll really appreciate any advice!

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