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How Cain should have died and why it had to happen in D3.

diablo11 - How Cain should have died and why it had to happen in D3.

First, obviously.. this is an opinion. I'd love to hear your ideas.

I personally didn't enjoy D3's writing. There's a ton of issues I have with it but one of the biggest ones is how Cain died. Not only did he die from a horribly written villain (Maghda), but he also didn't connect to our character at all, he wasn't as significant and ultimately, even tho I believe he should have died in D3, I think the way he died wasn't a goodbye we needed and it wasn't respectful to the character.

Why do I believe Cain had to die:

There's a simple reason for it. He was just too old. D4 is happening decades after D3. I think there were 2 options. Cain being killed or dying of old age off-screen. So I think he had to die in D3.

How do I think Cain should have died:

As I mentioned I think there's a ton of issues with D3's writing and characters. Cain dying to Maghda should have made us furious, it should make us want to avenge him. But Maghda and Cain's death were so poorly written that the only reason I was furious at Maghda was because of how bad the writing was and I wished I could take what just happened out of my memory. It's kinda like I hate TLJ because of what they did with Luke. So I think Maghda shouldn't be the one to kill him. The way Maghda bamboozled our character to leave tristram only to return after she killed Cain was terrible, it didn't make sense. But I'll stop talking about what's bad about D3's writing and focus on my main objective here – sharing my idea of an alternative. I have what I consider to be a perfect candidate for Cain's killer..

As I mentioned I think Cain's death was necessary, but our character should have connected with him more, so that we could feel more emotionally about him later on. He's death should be used to create an emotional moment and make us motivated to kill some important villain, like Adria and Diablo (Diablo also poorly written in D3 but let's ignore other D3's issues for the sake of an argument, he was our ultimate goal). So the first thing is that he should have died later and we should have more dialogue with him. Now for my idea..


I wanted Cain to die at the end of Act III, during the scene where Adria betrays us and uses Leah to summon Diablo. Adria's betrayal was a pretty good plot twist in itself, this would add even more to it. Imagine if Cain saw what's happening to Leah and he desperately tried to save her, but obviously he was no match for Adria. Tyrael could have tried to help him but he was also knocked out. Cain is wounded. Leah comes up to kneeling Cain, uses her hand to raise Cain's head to make Cain look at her face and we see what Cain sees. Leah with her messed up face like in Act IV intro, with those demonic eyes etc. And Leah (now Diablo) kills Cain by piercing him with her hand and dropping his dead body on the ground. Even Diablo would recognize Cain in this "symbolic" way, without any need to say anything to Cain because Cain is beneath Diablo, but Diablo would kill him in this way anyway to cause terror and because Tyrael would see all of this. Which would also give more reason for Tyrael to get all depressed in Act IV. Then Adria and Diablo disappear into the portal and that's how Act III ends.

It would be dark, much more emotional and would give Cain a last heroic, yet tragic moment. His relationship with Leah should also be more explored during that time Cain would be with us up until his death, so that the end would be even more filled with emotion, would make us angry and motivated to kill Diablo and find Adria, and it would make more people realize how tragic of a character Leah actually is.

I could go into more detail but I don't want to make it too long. I'd like to see your ideas as well.

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