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How do you want to see Diablo 4 Gameplay and Story ?

diablo7 - How do you want to see Diablo 4 Gameplay and Story ?

hi ' we all know that Blizzard is working in new Big Diablo project "maybe Diablo 4"

so how you want to see the next Diablo gameplay and Lore ( Sure not as Mobile game 😀 )

for me i want the next Diablo gameply to change from top down to 3rd person game something like Dark Souls or the New God of War with action gameplay and maybe with climb systeam

to make a Big Demons and Angels feel big and scary

for the Story because in the lasst games we defeated most of the Demons maybe this time we Play as the bad character who want to summon Diablo and his Brothers

i have story idea

so the 1st mission that will show you the game you Play as Tyreal (as max lvl to see what end game can be like) found about group of humans warship and trying to summon the Deamons bay sacrefice other Humans

you go There Killing the Group and the Group eader who start to transform to a Deamon ( the mission Boss )


after that Tyreal (you) found a little child the son of the Boss alone he Know if he leave him he will die so Tyreal tke the child and rise him to be Strong man

( next mission you play as the child and you chose the class but you cant change the character ) Old Tyreal training you and teach you about the skills and how you can fight your enemies so you start fighting thiefs and bandits and after that you found about 7 pieces and every piece have a Demon Soul ( like Diablo soul stone and maybe mephisto soul in skeleton … ) and if they summon the 7 pieces all the Demons will come back to life

and then your character will turn evil slowly

so how do you want to see the next Diablo game ?

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