Diablo 3

How Nerds Killed Diablo and the genre as a whole.

diablo5 - How Nerds Killed Diablo and the genre as a whole.

When you look for criticism of Diablo 3 or Path of Exiles you start to hear people talk about meta, loot, RNG, damage, terms you here a lot with these kind of games.

And everytime I hear these words I think the same thing "What the F**k are these nerds talking about?"

I have never once in my life cared enough about a video game to google a build for it or try to figure out what the "meta" is. I play video games to have fun and my idea of fun was never math and charts.

My criticisms of Diablo 3 and Path of Exiles were always much more simpler and you didnt need to be a nerd to understand them.

A) Theyre not scary.

B) They're not open world

C) A lack of focus on exploration

D) A lack of focus on storytelling

E) A lack of focus on atmosphere

I dont care about the numbers. I dont care about the meta, the RNG, the auction house, I dont care about any of that crap.

What I cared about was going into a dark punishing world filled with hordes of demons and watching my once naked sorceress turn into a badass.

Ask someone what the point of diablo and ARPGs and what their answer?

Grinding for gear.

Next time you hear that, ask "Why am I grinding for gear?"

So I can get more gear?

I'm not my sister my dude. I'm not addicted to getting new clothes.

I want adventure, I want to explore a world, to be immersed, to triumph in the face of adversity, to go down to hell and stop the forces of evil.

What I dont want is to spam AOE attacks while running faster than the F**king flash so I can one shot the boss and grab the loot so I can one shot a randomly generated boss with a even bigger number so I can get more loot so I can one shot another boss, so I can get more loot so I can one shot another boss.

I personally hate the online community of diablo 3 and Path of Exiles because every time I join a party they immediately speed through the game killing everything instantly and just go straight to another rift/dungeon.


What is the point of that?

Everytime I watch gameplay of someone playing the games online all I see is a guy speeding through the level while spamming an attack, like he's trying to speedrun the game.

What is the point of that?

If you're trying to race through the game than why even play it?

Stop and smell the roses.

IMO These ADDICTS ruined the genre.

They took what was an amazing game that had an addictive loot system, focused to much on the addictive part and forgot everything else.

That's why I have way more fun playing the souls series and Borderlands than I do playing Diablo 3 or Path of Exiles, because those games try to give you an experience and a story instead of just giving you an addiction.

You guys have ruined the entire ARPG genre with your addiction and you guys forgot the loot system was just the icing on the cake of an already amazing experience, and because of you guys we will probably never get a true successor to Diablo 2, because everyone thinks diablo is about loot drops and grinding now.

If this were a fairy tale than you guys would all be the flash killing the dragon, saving the princess than ignoring the princess so you can see whats it in the chest and than running off to the next castle.

I still want to care about the princess, I still want to feel the triumph of overcoming the dragon.

To me the journey was the reward, to you guys the chest is the reward and thats all you care about.

You want better spells so you can beat the dungeons faster and more efficiently, not so you be a better hero.

You nerds with an addiction problem have ruined the entire genre

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