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How to balance D2 for 2020

diablo3 - How to balance D2 for 2020

All will be layed out for Blizzard employees and doubters, debaters will be put down by sense of logic and tradition, problem solving, explaining basics. In D2, your dismissive whining does not trump tradition of a classic and will be put down immediatly.

Rune drop rate doubled: Runes are the linchpin for making chars that perform well in PVM, yet flatten out in PvP because everybody has those, leaving way for more luxurious treasures to make a difference and take part in trade complexities, speculation vs time. Most raw PvMers will find 4 hrs per season instead of 2, offering you different pathways to wealth according to you preferences.

Time shared loot: Most people have reflexes of 500 milliseconds, bad lag is 200ms. If we make this timer 1300 ms, this is good enough for fast pace game, with the occasional fast finger priority "shooter" elements. All who clicked once, roll a dice again to see who owns the items, you roll the same chance on every itme you clicked. This mode activates when there is more than 1 player and with runes pul+, uniques,rares, sets… So now, pickit and frenetic clicking is no longer necessary, just be reasonably sober.

No more gem requirement for rune cubing: This leads to less crafting due to annoyance.

Stackable runes/gems/potions with 16 chars and SHARED STASH : No more dangerous xfers, no need a bigger stash with this, this is HUGE, everybody has same stash, only shared, and stackables. Anything more is just mindless hording.


No auto-gold pickup**:** Auto gold pickup AOE yet everybody has AOE? What is this D3? Where is the line drawn… How about we just admit that gold isnt really too important if you pick it up or not and that gambling is boring anyways, and that gold barbarians are special because they make your gold farming 100x more efficient and its a wealth accumulatin strategy that is used @ every start of ladder. How about we just make it so that telekinesis has a small AOE but fcr downside vs no fcr for clicking, and find item automatically picks up the gold dropped from the mob? I mean… everybody is sorc or barb anyways right? Untill they get rich and get a hammerdin. If you feel like you are poor in gold this would be cool, at least you have to click something.

Buff to Act 3 merc:

Enable deactivated runewords, buff grandfather sword:

Solve desynch:

EDIT: SagittariusSK has some cool ideas: here are some of them.

  • 60fps
  • harder Hell mode
  • new Uber quest
  • unlocked disabled arenas
  • unlocked disabled rw's
  • charm inventory
  • bigger stash
  • skill rebalance (new fresh meta)
  • stamina rework – eg removed bonus from vitality per lvl and added extra +30-50frw
  • third weapon switch
  • Cow king respawn and little buffed exp from cows
  • Diablo Clone spawn changed to 10 Sojs

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