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How to balance D2 for a true D2 experience.

diablo19 - How to balance D2 for a true D2 experience.

How to satisfy a more casual D3 fanbase in the minimum way possible while retaining the purity of the D2 experience. We need to be firm with these people, we must not enter the discussion with them and listen to their bluffs how they wont play or buy the game if Blizzard does not concede to all their demands. Because we know that Breviks team knew better and stood firm. The sticking points is always the personnal drop vs shared drop, auto-gold pickup, and ''balancing of certain classes''. I will now go through several logical explanations in order to make the D3 casuals stop debating endlessly why we should change tried and tested D2 traditions.

  • AUTO-GOLD-PICKUP: OK, this is a tough one, because you see in D2, there is a build that is optimized for this, a gold-find barbarian. This is how some people make their wealth besides making an MF sorc…So now this build has been totally diluted and not as cool if the auto-gold-pickup system is applied. I think the best way to go about it is to make the gold go straight into the inventory when the monster is killed, and calculate Gold bonus individually. But there must be a limit to the amount carried, the same as before to avoid abusive gamble bots that accumulate the servers gold since everybody is lazy about their gambling chores, also, we cannot operate with gigantic numbers philosophy.

* In PvP, gold is dropped as usual, a visual pack of big juicy yellow.

* In PvM, gold is sent to each player individually, then multiplied by the

gold find bonus of each individually, no more yellow on the floor.

  • PERSONNAL LOOT VS SHARED LOOT: So this problem came about in team play due to pickit hacks and pixel clickers, and when everybody has these hacks its simply latency issue. So the easiest and simplest way to go about this is that when there is 2 or more players, loot drops on the floor and there is a 2.5 second time window where those who clicked at least once, roll the dice again to see who owns it. Thats it, the abuse and chaos is avoided. If you were not in that area and didnt click, well son, thats just luck vs bad luck, be more alert next time and never become a gold nugget hunter you cant handle it. RNG + finders keepers=D2=fun, if you dont like that you dont like D2 and we wont change D2 because you dont like it, again, tradition…
  • **REBALANCING CERTAIN CLASSES:**OK, so this is also a tough one. On a ladder restart the worst classes are assassin, amazon, druid. These classes get overshadowed in PvM, but they can be very potent in PvP so we must be careful, exept for the amazon, wich is bad in PvM and PvP.
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*Assassin: needs one of 2 solutions, a better high damage runeword

to go along with chaos, or maybe buff fury runeword a bit. That or

having -res gear like Griffons, work for the traps. Pick your poison,

because its gonna dominate PvP, balancing the assassin is tricky.

* Druid: Simply needs better FHR/FCR breakpoints, better act 3 merc

* Amazon: needs a BUFF

  • 1 account per cd key, along with stackable runes, gems, shared stash.
  • Fix desynching, invisible projectiles in pvp.
  • Buff Amazon.
  • Fix sanctuary aura bugs, and all other bugs.
  • Make it so that iron golem doesnt dissapear when you run fast, so I can make a Pride iron golem.
  • Reduce level requirement of naj staff, for those who cant afford enigma.
  • Tweak some uniques, makes big unique swords better.
  • Add anti bot memory protection features from WoW, capchas if need be.
  • Add anti-dupe method, and be prepared to restart everything is dupe breach is detected.
  • Change the way annihilus is spawned, too complicated and expensive, prone to abuse.
  • Remove the flawed and chipped gem requirement when upping mid runes.
  • Better item click mechanics with second button, I dont want to accidentally pick up trash .
  • Buff act 3 merc.

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