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How to create an awesome engaging endgame for Diablo 4 with the already existing factions of the Diablo universe

diablo8 - How to create an awesome engaging endgame for Diablo 4 with the already existing factions of the Diablo universe

There are already factions in the Diablo universe Might as well take full benefit from it to enrich the game and its endgame I dream of a Diablo 4 where the developers have the brains to actually make us choose a side Follow Lilith and become a Demon Save and follow Inarius to become an Harbinger of Light Follow Rathma and fight for humanity against Hell and Heavens meddling with sanctuary


In the end each in the same outcome, Lilith’s death. If you side with her you still kill her becauseshe manipulate and backstabs you since she’s the mother of deceit. This story system will allow people to choose factions and become Demons, angels and Ancients themselves



This will have major repercussion on the endgame The endgame could partly be composed of faction citadels raiding Lore: Heaven and Hell factions are actively seeking for worldstone shards. There will be places on the map where there are worldstone shard Veins. These Wss rich spots are where factions can claim the area by building and growing a citadel/fortress on the Wss These citadel/fortress generate a buff for faction members in said area Members of the opposing faction have to try to take possession of the spot. Note: Ancients don’t have citadels, they instead try to destroy them all and get temporary buff for successful individual invasions Those citadel/fortress are simply insane dungeons full of monsters, they controlled and funded by players of this faction. By controlled I mean simple stuff that players can decide where to allocate the ressources, ie: area buff improvement, defending mobs improvements, infrastructure reinforcement, merchands, the power of the dungeon boss( from sub demons to prime evils)etc There could be a way to implement players vs players to this by maybe having them called to defend the Citadel as Final boss. Facing this final player boss would be optional but if chosen and successful could grant more points toward conquering the Wss spot. Stealing a fortress would require a couple of successful invasions There would be a gauge bar that shows the progression of a takeover On the other hand, defending your fortress is the same thing but the other way. Players can run the same dungeon but instead of having its faction monsters, it’s the other faction monsters So each party benefit on all sides, fortress owners get perks and buffs while fortress conquerors get better loot and xp from mobs Note: this is just a global idea, nothing is set in stone, improvements and changes to the concept can be brought up


Done well this could be an awesome replacement for Rifts and Maps(Poe) with the plus side of being Lore logical and create some sort of community interaction, I can easily see guilds focussing on certain fortresses to defend and grow and on the other hand some guilds having those impenetrable fortresses to conquer. This would also keep the traditional dungeon grinding aspect of Arpg endgame But ultimately this would be a part of the endgame, not the whole endgame since I think it should be diversified for all tastes of gameplay

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