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How to dupe with Plugy (x-post r/diablo2)

diablo16 - How to dupe with Plugy (x-post r/diablo2)

Sorry if this has been posted before. I haven't seen it on here so I figured I'd share. Also, apologies for the length.

Although some may feel that this could be a game-ruining exploit, for me it has been a huge improvement in my enjoyment of the game. The sad truth is that I simply cannot put in the hours of game play that are required to find all the godly gear that I'd love to use. So this is a bit of a shortcut into me being able to experience the game a little more fully.

The whole idea revolves around two features of Plugy: Firstly the shared stash, and secondly- the ability to launch multiple applications of the game at the same time.

WARNING: BACK UP YOUR 'SAVE' FOLDER FROM YOUR DIABLO 2 FILES. This is usually found at C>Program Files>Diablo II> Save. You will likely get errors during this duping process that involve not being able to create the shared stash file. If you follow these steps, you can simply close these error boxes and continue about your business without any negative consequences. However, this can result in corruption of your whole save file and cause you to lose all of your loot. So back up your 'save' folder early and often. I back it up after I find any good loot and also after any successful duping session.
Just copy it to your desktop, so you have the option to restore the files if anything ever gets corrupted.

Anyhow, here's the actual process:

  1. Be connected to WiFi. This is so you are able to host and join games on the same IP address.
  2. Launch your first application of the game. I recommend opening this application and further applications in windowed mode, as it will make alt+tabbing between applications a lot smoother.
  3. Click 'Other Multiplayer', click 'TCP/IP Game', then click 'Host Game'.
  4. Select a character and open a game. It is important to remember which character you used to create the game. We will refer to this character as 'Character A' going forward.
  5. Now launch other applications of the game and repeat steps 1-3, except this time you will be hitting 'Join Game'.
    The IP field should auto-fill to the correct IP to join. But, if not, there is a message at the top of the TCP/IP screen that clearly says "Your IP Address Is: _________________". This is the number you're going to want in the field that appears after clicking 'Join Game'. Like I said, this number should auto-fill if you're just on your usual WiFi network. However, you may manually have to enter it in if you were duping while on a coffee shop's WiFi and then you try to dupe again when you return home.
  6. Select any other character(s) besides 'Character A' and join the game. You can do this up to 7 times depending on how much duping you are wanting to get done.
  7. You should now have in the same game, 'Character A' and anywhere from 1-7 of your other characters. This is where the duping truly begins. As, you can now make withdrawals from your shared stash with any/all characters except for 'Character A' and these withdrawn items are the 'dupes'.
  8. Once withdrawn from the shared stash. The items can be kept in your personal inventory, your personal stash, or dropped on the ground. Basically take them out of the shared stash and put them anywhere else except back into the shared stash.
  9. Once you've withdrawn and duped to your heart's content- leave the game. Leave the game with all joined characters, one by one, until the only remaining character in the game is the original host aka 'Character A'.
  10. Now with 'Character A'. Pick up any dropped items that other characters may have left behind. Any 'dupes' that you want to add back into your shared stash. Deposit them into your shared stash and exit the game by clicking 'Save and Exit Game'. This has now saved your game file with a 'Shared Stash' that has not had any items withdrawn from it and may have even had items added into it YET you have definitely made withdrawals from that stash on other characters and have the items to prove it.
  11. As a final step, and a sort of level of insurance, I like to create a single player game with 'Character A' to sort of reestablish the save file. This seems to prevent any of the negative outcomes of the 'cannot create' errors that can happen during this process.

Congratulations, you are now a successful duper.
This doesn't feel like too much of a game-ruiner to me, because I still can't manifest any items. For instance, I'm still grinding to find Griffon's, Death's Fathom, and countless other godly items that my characters need.

Being able to make endless withdrawals from my shared stash has opened many other possibilities though.

For example:

  • I was able to dupe and cube up what little runes I did initially have to the point that I now have a page full of all the runes in the game. So I can now make any runeword I want, whenever I want. I can also take endless cracks at it. So while a 6 BO CTA was something I could never afford on bnet, it is now something that is part of my arsenal with Plugy.
  • I have a couple pages full of sojs and pskulls, so that I can reroll rare items until they come out as something godly. And once I roll that godly item, I can simply add a free socket to it with 3 pskulls and an soj.
  • By duping gold and putting it back into my shared stash with 'Character A', I now have 93 million gold in my shared stash. Now when I gamble, I get bored before I ever run out of gold.
  • I have created pages of crafting recipes so I can constantly roll items whenever I want, in hopes of finding an end all/ be all type of crafted item that would make us all drool.

That's about it. Of course ymmv, but for me this has been a huge improvement in my life as a single player of diablo 2.
Happy duping!

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